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Yeah i don't trust anybody with it now i know that feeling or ask the dust the john fong tei book was made into a movie and i'm like there's no way i'm going to watch that that's just book means too much to me don't fuck it up yeah yeah we'll all right we can finish up here with a couple of segments okay finish finish up with what ebert said and then five questions okay this is a complete disappointment i always like to go back and see what roger ebert thought of these films and rumble fish got mixed reviews at the time i mean a lot of people it was very brave ardy movie i think play even called it an art film for teenagers and also shot up to sophie coupla little young sophia domino i didn't even realize it yeah are watching last night we were like oh my god that's so great to she was maybe her best acting performance as introducing domino and i was like wait a minute as looking for a name yeah but she had this big adult size teeth in that little e app kid mouth very cute super cute but a brave movie for him to make the time a lot of critics didn't like it and didn't get it i think of as nothing but brave yeah he really roll the dice he was in clearly not well at about clearly not concerned about making a commercial movie because he expressed great disappointment that teenagers didn't flock to it like they did outsiders.

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