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In my words and my final paragraph my final sentence and everybody took the key thought it was totally appropriate. At least a dozen Republicans in the House of Representatives are expected to vote with Democrats to impeach the president. The president also commented on the South Lawn this morning before leaving for Texas. About what he described was the moments before the riot ensued. Here sound on that. Work Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer to continue on this path. I think it's causing tremendous danger to our country, and it's causing tremendous anger. Pretty And if we are joined now by Rick Davis, who is a partner at Stone Court capital, and we'll be getting his analysis throughout the hour. But I want to turn now to our guests to our producer cause team. Burrata just told me has now joined us Congresswoman Abigail Span Burger. She is a Democrat from Virginia. Congresswoman. You hear the developments in the Times in which Leader. McConnell, citing anonymous sources, has reportedly pleased about the impeachment proceedings for tomorrow. And of course I'm sure you've you're now familiar with the comments from President Trump. This morning. Your reaction tonight. Um, you know, I am astounded by the comments of the president. The absolute Lack of responsibility that he's taking. There were People rating the capital, saying they were there because President Trump sent them. Hey said, Go to the capital. Um, I you know, uh, it's completely consistent with this president that he would not take any responsibility for his actions for his words for the outcomes related to his words. But it's particularly horrifying when these words in this particular case resulted in the death of multiple people, including the murder of a Capitol police officer who was beaten to death by insurrectionist. Congresswoman Abigail Spin Burger is with us. She's a Democrat from Virginia's seven congressional district. She serves on the House Committee of Foreign Affairs and the U. S. House Committee on Agriculture. She's a former federal agent with the U. S Postal Inspection Service, investigating money laundering and narcotics cases as well as a former case officer with the CIA congresswoman to follow up on this. What have you heard about the timetable purely from a procedural standpoint? About the impeachment proceedings tomorrow. My understanding is that that boat will come up tomorrow. It is not yet clear to me. I have also been in transit so there might be updates that I have missed in the past couple hours, But I'm not sure of the time that that boat will occur. But as of right now that vote is slated to occur tomorrow. In terms of how much Ripper Harmony Republicans. You feel well, though, for this, Have you spoken with any of your Republican colleagues? And do you think this will be a bipartisan effort? I will say this I have had I have spoken to you and heard from multiple Republicans who have said that his actions were impeachable. Whether they actually vote for impeachment remains to be seen, which I say that with great sadness and disappointment, But that is that is the case. Have you been told whether or not it's possible for there to be a set and I know you're not in the Senate, but a Senate impeachment trial after inauguration, or is that still an unknown? You mean from illegal stand from illegal sample? Yes. Yes. So, from a legal standpoint there there is not a set time frame. He does not still need to be a sitting member. Achieving a sitting president for the trial, so it it wouldn't have to be a scenario in which the trial occurs before inauguration Day, But But beyond that, we are aware that in fact, it is wholly appropriate legal constitutional. For that hearing to come up at whatever point in time we we bring the articles. The House delivers the articles to the Senate. I say This is a question again from a matter of process. But in the judicial sphere, so many trials as you know, Congresswoman, it's a knopper to nitty too. Interview. Individuals to have individuals testified to have evidence submitted for the record. And I'm curious. Is there enough time to really launch a thorough investigation? Not just about the horrific images that the world, Saul but truly Understanding the planning that required for this Yeah. No. And I think that get back to your last question, because you know the houses. Action and part of the impeachment process is that is in the judicial system Kin to the indictment. So is there enough to indict this president in the first place on As there were rioters and insurrections attacking the United States Capitol, Um beating police officers that the best he could do was a statement saying, we love you all. So from an indictment standpoint, which is the house's role, absolutely when it comes to the actual trial and potential acquittal or conviction. You know, I do hope that there will be a trial where the Senate chooses to bring in witnesses and see evidence, you know, notably the last time this president was impeached the Senate society that they just didn't need that type of Try align or evidence presented presented with witnesses. So it is my my my hope that they will conduct you know, presuming that impeachment will go through tomorrow. But whatever point in time, we deliver the articles to the Senate that they will conduct a full trial because, frankly, this is about the actions of this particular president. It is about the dangers of these sorts of actions. And I think for A full accounting of what happened, how these attacks occurred that it is important that that trial have witnesses and have evidence presented in a more fulsome way than the Senate was willing to do So, in the last time, the president of abuse his power and put personal Gain above above the needs and the safety of the country. I want to bring into this conversation. Rick Davis, a partner, It's Stone Core capital, former campaign manager for John McCain's 2008 presidential campaign. And, of course, the Bloomberg Politics contributor. Recommend you listen to Congresswoman Span Burger there and and just purely from a process procedural standpoint, we're in unchartered territory record. Thank you. And thank you very much represented Spam burger for for being on. I got the pleasure of listening to your presentation to a boredom on environmental defense fund a little while ago And you did a great job, So thank you for being there. And this is obviously a different time in a different topic and and look, I mean, I'm not surprised that there's a lot of confusion around. Uh, something like this and impeachment at such a late date and And I'm just kind of curious What the mood is inside of your caucus. I mean, you know, dear, You're so looking forward to a new administration coming in. You just won a majority and in the United States Senate clear skies for Yeah, taking the Biden agenda and making it in the law, and this is obviously a jolt in a different direction. Understand the need to be patriotic about it. But how do you feel like it's going to affect the agenda that the country is expecting, which is more focused on covert more stimulus relief and And issues were relevant to sort of the ongoing functioning of the country. I think I'm I'm calling an adult, I think is a very fair description. I think the reality is that we we can't ignore the ongoing threat that has now, um And brought to the forefront in a really spectacularly awful way. That's right, being white nationalism that threat being conspiracy theories that would lead people to Insurrectionist attack on the United States Capitol. I there Everyone is really very heavy hearted in and perhaps that's Ah, light way to describe it because No, I want nothing more than to be talking about broadband Internet programs and conservation policy and lowering the cost of prescription drugs. That's what you know I was daydreaming of when campaigning for my collection is not kidding, folks. She's really not kidding. I promised hope my hope is in a couple months, I'll get to have a show where I ask you about that Congresswoman. Go ahead, dreaming about right..

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