Michael Vick, Johnny Manziel, NFL discussed on The Tony Kornheiser Show


He was always i think the best of the joystick video game quarterbacks right in college if you've sort of put michael vick up there is the apotheosis of the joystick quarterback that i would put johnny manziel right there and then they translate that to the nfl the best to do it it's probably victim russell wilson to be honest with you there's really not a long track record of success that i would take this step higher i think culturally this is very bad for the nfl because it essentially validates everything that capital has said and the critics of the nfl have said as well which is that to be black man in the nfl you have to do things at such a higher rate of acceptance than if you're white here's a guy johnny manzo who threw away his opportunity caught got caught in vegas when he was supposed to being concussion protocol got caught with drugs oversleeping practice here's a guy cabinet went to super bowl didn't do anything illegal and sin stood up for social justice right he can't get an interview ryan bansal apparently has the best team in the league trying to bring him in so if he comes in he probably get two year long suspension but if the nfl allows him to come in because i personally think that capital was blackballed i think the nfl behind the scenes of i was goodell i would try and stop this because it's going to be really bad fallout from from the african american community and i'll say anyone who's who's who's woke shall we do you think do you think that if the do you think the patriots see.

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