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But i had a conversation longtime ago with jason whitlock about what everything was becoming twitter and our beloved newspapers and them and i remember telling him specifically. Oh jason we lost. We lost a long time ago. These these things that you're believing in journalistically. The things exist in a newspaper like that day is passed by it is now the future has arrived and we have been left behind. I never understood. Nick why it is that He was the black guy in kansas city. Espousing largely white viewpoints. You were the white guy in kansas city. Espousing largely black viewpoints. You didn't have the newspaper pedigree but you were absolutely every bit as good as he was and you were much younger. I was younger. And i don't know i do think there is an element of people. Want to be respected by the people. They care about the most. And i like i. I don't. I don't know you very well. At all. Dan except for from afar from long time. We spent a little bit of time together. A and we've texans up. But i would imagine like when you were columnist aspiring to be columnist of the year compliment from anyone. We're nice but if bob ryan since at the time i think it would have been a telegram would have been telling you grab something phonograph if he was like wow read the column that that had a special place for you and i do think that it can be tough. Where if there are you want to call it the barbershop or the people you grew up with whatever it is if those are the people who dislike some of your opinions the most i ain't that can that can be wounded. And so i don't know but that's too much time spent on south beach. Sessions is brought to you by draftkings. The fifty fifth big game is this weekend fifty five a game. This big deserves a big prize. Not just some trophy to finish off the football season dragging sportsbook. America's top rated sportsbook app is giving all players no brainer of an offer to celebrate..

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