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More offensive than I think. He must back He the diamond is a part of him. I believe yeah and he can. He has redskin ready. Few certainly of I don't know skim through a term for an android but the green and the yellow and all that is That he can put clothes on over that. If that's what you're asking okay well I typed in the vision nude and this is not what I was looking for. Is it as Horny as that sounds? I mean it's just naked people but none of them are read. I was a bummer. Okay Yeah so since the war is is the biggest one here. So let's issue on like you said the vision and wanted to at this point time vendors history. They have retired and they have moved to the suburbs. I think in New Jersey Yup to live a life. Which as you said is actually like kind of a fun. A little different than what? We've seen in marvel premise. This is something that's going to get done well with like Scott Free Big Barda and Mr Mirim. Right that premise. There's a lot of mileage there Or even the vision. Actually this would be fun if they leaned into it and they don't at all like it's basically not the focal point of this whatsoever. Yeah right it's like you know what talking about high-concept comics a lot like it's concept's this idea of them. What if Superhero yes? This is like low concept. It's like you take the concept but then you don't do anything with it and then you just move on in the next three issues. Aren't even dealing with that concept yet. Not at all so issue for is kind of exactly what we've been describing. Which is it's a big weight. Who'S SCARLET? Which is Dad Issue? But it's over wild and actually like majorly important in marvel history. The big reveal here. Is that what you plays with? Is the idea of. Is magneto actually scarlet witches and quicksilver debt and the conclusion they come to you by the end is yes he is. Yeah I love. I love how much that The nurse made cow is involved in this. It's again it's these things like if you don't have the bovine nursemaid which is huge huge win and great naming. Let's let's be clear about. Both of those things She is a product of the high of luminary. Which as you may remember from avengers. I think it's one eighty five to one eighty seven which we did read. As part of the club it goes issues. Written by David Miscellany The high of illusionary took credit for the raising scarlet witch and quicksilver during this time during another. Wait who are who are their real parents type story and in this case. What Bill Matt Low and Leonardi do is they sorta take all that and tie it together. One in quicksilver worse still raised by the bovine from a high evolutionary creation but they were fathered and and left not in Not In like anti parental state. I think it's like during a riot. Basically by AK magneto. Now it's Magneto. Wife shows up at her doorstep dying or like goes and childbirth and dies giving birth to the kids. I thought it was their family. Got Impact now Megiddo yet but like needles. She was running away from magnesium because she was frightened of him because she spooked by his his mutant hood. Yeah exactly yeah. Yeah Yeah Yeah so I mean that's really it like there's no big mystery just gets revealed at the beginning. Will you want you know you want to build a mystery though? Is You? Put the murderer on the front cover and then also let him control metal while while still pretending that you don't know who this is right like also magneto both can turn invisible because of magnets and and also force. What's her name Bova? The cow with the nurse To tell the truth because he's controlling the iron in her bloodstream. And he's just like that means. I control your mind. Now you're forced to tell me the truth. Yeah I I hate all that stuff like it's fine. I mean I what I what I like. That is close to that. Is You know how in the X. Men Movies Mango polls like the iron out of the guys blood? And there's like that will create because like that one works because you see that mystique like drug the guy and injected him with this like yeah huge. Bolles of iron through his bloodstream. Right like yeah. That's that's a lot of fun No it's just that like Magneto is one of the weirder characters. Words like his powers are so cool in there. So all encompassing. Anyway he has this huge power set right if you just let him control metal and it never seems to be enough for these people like they always just. WanNa make him. Do these wild outlandish things and just stick the metal on the medals enough. It's very cool. I would have the medal is there are there. There are two things there two lines here for Magneto. While he's fighting so he shows up on Adlan gives vision and scarlet witch are visiting crystal in quicksilver new baby luna-m Luna said her name and And like a nice moment here. Quicksilver like accepts vision as you know uncle when whatever because he was so Anti Vision Scarlet witch together. Just sending said it's a nice moment on the foresee you said it quietly and then you said whatever it's you undersold four hutchings moment. There's there's the pathos of this moment cannot be overstated about battery crying. I mean a little bit. He's fight magneto shows up. It's like one of these things where he just wants to like. Meet his grandchild and tell them the truth but they all get in a fight because they jump to conclusions whatever magneto is like during the fight spares vision. He tries to subdue him without hurting him and Invasion calls out like why would you spare scarlet which is husband when you've tried to kill me before and then vision puts his fist? You know intangibly through Magneto in many has this great line of curse your logic in your ability to cause me pain android Then that's followed up immediately the next page by scarlet witch and crystal both start like blasting at Magneto with their. You know whatever heck's crystal powers magneto gets the great line of I am beset by women like as well but it's also it's only two women magneto like if you pick any re- to random people there's one in four chance it will be two women. It's very funny. He's often beset. Yeah so yes all that happens. It's a big family. Reunion does still experiencing that sort of turning the corner thing. That's been happening like X. Men which works like in terms of character development. He doesn't he doesn't just want to show up and kill them like he just wants to granddaughter. Which again is another kind of turning his human granddaughter. Right like he said his granddaughter's not a Mutant and now he has a blood connection to humanity. Which is pretty interesting. This issue alone is pretty good yet probably probably. I would say just read this one year mainly under one number time I guess yeah I mean although already kind of told you everything about Rick. Leonardo's Leonardo Leonardi is art. Here really good. I really like all the work. He's doing both here and on cloak and dagger. I think it's pretty excellent stuff. I heard I like his vision and scarlet which work a fair amount. I think it's quite with thinks by Akin and oh it's like RV sexy. Think the cloak and dagger stuff is is pretty rough And those Ali are by Terry Austin who John Byrne so much of the great on Kanye. I was wondering if he just had a different anchor on On cloak and dagger because it does look he does. But it's one that I historically would've thought was was quite good because I think I think he's going for like probably in-intentionally rougher look just because of the subject matter. Yeah yeah that's true that's true. Yeah I like both of them want I think he has a really good sense of like very steady pacing very readable panels in like the occasional moments of these These big dynamic kind of flashy Flashy set pieces and like he knows kind of went to employ them. So yeah I really. I Really Electric Leonardo's work here. Yeah that's kind of all have to say this is like four middle of the road vendors issues. It's very strange. It's like why. Why do they decide to do this? It's like yeah We are in the of spinoffs kicking off. You know obviously has yet by these ones. Were covering here so like there's going to be a lot more like Hawkeye's GonNa get a limited for issues in crawl. Get one in eighty five. And unlike they're trying things right like they're clearly testing the waters with characters who otherwise would not have a soul series so I think the the quote unquote why question is not necessarily that. Easy to answer Well pro I mean probably did not stem from you know create creative decisions. First Business Second. That's kind of what the feel of it. It doesn't feeling. Is that or you think it isn't it isn't i. Feel like this was not someone sitting down on me. Like I've got a scarlet witch in vision story to tell this was more like hey let's do a scarlet which envision mini series. Who's GonNa tell it? Where are you busy bill like? And he's like alright. Y'All alright something. Maybe yeah maybe so. Yeah yeah this doesn't feel like you know somewhat I mean that's the if this was done a miniseries I would not be questioning that so much. I think Cloak and dagger feels like his more deliberate. Because it's like okay. Here's the introduction to these characters I will say this is maybe my least favorite comic. We've ever read low right up there with a vengeance two hundred inasmuch as like. Wow nece I think this is like a nasty comic that Like has aged like milk like that so let me let me start thing. Because you're coming in myth hotter than I'm going to let out the like basics of the story for. Yeah so we're introduced to cloak and dagger with a gun. Another issue miniseries. Same creative team bill. Mandla Rick Leonardi but with thinks this time Terry Austin colors clean and cloak and dagger are. There's a A white young girl. She is cloak. She has the powers of light. She has or she has dagger. Excuse me and our lightness. And then there's cloak tyrone Johnson a black young young man and he is. He had the powers of a giant clock that is darkness that envelops people and seems to transport them to some almost inescapable dark dimension essentially so he seems to as good as kill them although he does spit someone back out at one point in this which which makes you realize like. It's possible that they can be. They can be saved so they worked together really fighting the war on drugs and I use that phrase very deliberately because you know what I looked up while reading this. I thought well we're reading comics in nineteen eighty three. This isn't really start. The war on drugs that's exit..

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