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Hello, and welcome to juicy scoop while I had such a juicy interview with Britney from Vander pump rules gonna come up in a second just record it. And she truly is a unicorn a reality show TV, but a Swedish she is she gave lots of juice and lots of insight, but first let's get into the real housewives of Beverly Hills. Well, puffy gate continues. We find out more information every single day starts out with teddy under cute husband. And she says that she planned on doing like, a soul cycle charity of it. Which is become popular in California. You know, everyone writes, those bikes don't invite me to a soul cycle party, by the way. I don't like working out. I work out with my friend, ten yell, and she just tells me what to do. But like an hour of cardio like that. It's just it's not good for me. It's not good for my vagina on the tiny seats. It's just not my thing. And I apologize for that. But of course, whereas in reality TV, I guess I'd fight through it for an hour. So what they do is people pay like sixty dollars versus twenty and all the money goes to the event. So teddy said I plan on doing this months ago for the money to go to banner pump dogs, I planned it with John blizzard. That's why they were texting. Friends and Guas she got in the mess with him in the first part because he does Veda pump events. So meanwhile, we see the banner pump people can Pandora Lisa to John's. They're all advantage pump dogs the same day. And today's the biggest day because house of representatives is going to vote on ending the dog and cat industry trade urging all nations to outlawed till they are waiting around all day to hear that announcement. So this is a same day. According to the way, it's edited that they're going to do the soul cycle thing for the money. So they all show up. Okay, debris. Denise Lisa Renna. Erica, Jane, Kyle teddy, and these Vanna pump people aren't there too little bit later. But then they come. They bring their pink gates and a couple dogs and have a sign up, whatever. So they do their workout, and they're all very like. Look, what do you mean? Lisa van or pump, isn't here isn't this charred bent? I dunno. She's not here. And none in either the John's are here sweared. It's really it's really kind of weird. It's really kind of disturbing said Lisa arena will reach shows up. And I'm absolutely flabbergasted that the story came out in radar online that had Lisa Vanna pumps hands all over it that she would go and betray me as a friend and put the story out there that I mistreated an animal that I miss treat animals. I mean, it's really heartbreaking. Well, let's just get on a bike and ride Erica Jane shows up. Yeah. I'm gonna get my ass on a bike and ride, but first let me have a piece of these Yemi desserts. Why do you have a good desserts at a workout show, whatever they get on the bike ride, then they all get cute, and they go to figure it all for lunch, and they sit why is it this nice Vander? Pop. What she not here. Why she not at this luncheon why she not go to the dog event when it's her event in cal- goes well. I talked to Lisa and she had another event today another event on the same day as a charity event for her charity. I mean, what is going on you guys how much more this?.

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