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The united states call this longstanding public servant an untruthful slime bowl this is much more than scandalous knockabout komi kept contemporaneous notes of all these meetings with president trump so the judgment he makes in the book is seriously damaging the united nations says it expects to raise five hundred and thirty million dollars at a donor conference geneva to deal with the humanitarian crisis in the democratic republic of congo that's less than a third of the money the un had asked for aid agencies say about five million people have been forced from their homes well news from the bbc wwl rt thanks listener sponsors and just coffee madison spirit trade roasting cooperative just copy buys fair trade coffee to ensure equitable conditions for coffee grower cooperatives around the world and roasts locally in small batches more information at two zero four nine zero one one or on the web at just coffee dot co op the wisconsin union theater presents the king's singers on saturday april fourteenth at shannon hall named after king's college cambridge where the original six members were coral students the king seniors have spent the last fifty years wow ing audiences around the world with their cappella music their shows include jazz standards and pop chart hits medieval motifs and renaissance madrigal's as well as over two hundred original works from some of the world's leading composers the group has won two grammy awards and have entered the gramophone hall of fame for their vocal artistry and excellence the wisconsin union theater presents the king's singers on saturday april fourteenth at seven thirty pm at shannon hall no change without struggle no one given no change without no one what w o r t eighty nine point nine fm listener sponsored community radio madison wisconsin and hello welcome to a public affair i am std nor we will be talking today for the entire hour about the history of capitalism guest is a leo punish he is a distinguished research professor renowned political economists marxist theorist and editor of the socialist register he has been a professor of political science at york university since nineteen twenty four the chair of the department of political science at york from nineteen eighty eight to nine thousand ninety four he's the author of numerous articles and books dealing with political science and the.

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