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Matthew Smith says they'll be especially busy once the game ends about midnight Sunday night and Monday morning. Everybody wants to leave out one. So there's a big rush to get out all planes reservation to fly in and park. The manager McCollum field in Cobb County expects a tenfold increase in activity this weekend. Federal investigators in Atlanta are on the lookout for bogus Super Bowl gear on a table inside the Georgia world congress center. Federal authorities showed me some of the more than one hundred grand worth of counterfeit items. They've seized in Atlanta this week. Investigators also expect a flood of fake Super Bowl tickets to hit the city to axe news reporter, Tony Thomas says more than fifteen million dollars worth of counterfeit merchandise has been seized during the last two Super Bowls Gwinnett. Police searched for a prominent businessman accused of a Super Bowl tickets scam. That's netted. Him almost a million dollars. He's known these people for many years one of them. He's known his whole life because it's his own mother. Or a Wilbert Rundle's tells channel two action news, not even Catan Shah's wife knows where he is. She says he's been missing for almost a month. About a dozen people accused of ripping them off WSB news time seven thirty four the headliner for the Super Bowl. Halftime show says it wasn't their idea to cancel the traditional press conference before there are performance frontman. Adam LeVine tells entertainment tonight, the NFL cancelled a press conference, but NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell said just a day earlier. It was the group's decision to use social media rather than a traditional news conference to get word out about the show. We support that duck the media Gerald Griggs the Georgia NWEA's EP says, he's been pushing axe to bow from the halftime venue as a social Justice move. They don't want to enter the conversation about police, brutality Levin. Shrugs at all off the right profession if I can't handle a little bit of controversy covering Super Bowl. Pete combs WSB Atlanta's famed strip clubs. Step up their game for the Super Bowl. The blue flame lounge on the west side expects thirty thousand guests this week alone. The Atlanta Journal constitution reports neither the mayor's office, nor city council publicly comment on the club's economic impact on Atlanta. But it's substantial and the city's decision to keep bars. Open later this week have helped their bottom lines. WSB news time seven thirty five. Ben brash has an incredibly terrific article in the journal constitution this morning about all that and Atlanta's all new dancing tradition that dates all the way back to nineteen seventy-one judge ruled actors in the play hair could take it all off at the end of the first act iffy Lanta Civic Center and the strip clubs have gone along for the ride ever since. I was there that night by the way in nineteen seventy one at the end of the first act when the actors had scampered off stage an actor came out dressed, isn't it Lanta motorcycle police officer and convinced four thousand people that they're under arrest or minute. It's time to bring us up to date. Wetter traffic now WSB Kirk Mellish could get a parade for the way this day starting what a beautiful start to the day. Oh,.

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