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Problem areas on HBO. So you are in for a treat, give it up for Mike in Delon Rollet. The sound of a safe space? Oh, my God. Oh, wow. Oh my God. Wow. So so what happens when they stop. Oh, say, okay, just just right here in this section. Okay. What's up? Y'all? How ya doing this shoot? Say yes. So what do we do here? Don't know. This is what's going to happen. We wear matching shirts. We thought this would be enough for you guys. Maybe the backs this shown Beck's back. Yeah. So we have a show. We have a show where we watch music videos together with our friends. We'd do it here and we talk about stuff. Mike, what do you think about our relationship? Man? You know what? I didn't like I didn't know what. Love was before you. No, I taught him English. Come on. My name is Spanish. MU more Liam. Oh, yes. So Benji Martinez? Yeah, Angie, this is not even the crowd for anti Martinez is a hip hop journalist. Ninety seven, which is a radio station for New Yorkers who are actually grown up here high. Hip hop in the late nineties is so crazy that they saw radio DJ and said, she plays the song's. Let's just let her make some and she dropped an album where she taught me most of the Spanish. I know really? Yeah. It's a song more with Jay z. Angie Martinez and Jay z. Do you say I love in Spanish more? How do you say? I want something? Can I get it ROY. He stops learning? Yeah, yeah. Girl, south Florida span is Jay z. said this was before me too. It was a different time. It was a different time, but he stopped the second Leary. Yes. More. Well, now that you know that I love you. Suck about this kind of situation. I don't know that that actually that actually reminds me of the moment I should've known that we were going to be like comedy, comedy, music, soulmates. Yeah, one of your one of your tweets that always sticks out in my mind and I bring it up all the time. He's talking about hold Hold on. on. I looked it up again today. It's twenty twelve. Remember. The tweet was the genius of x.'s what these bitches want. Is that to this day, we still don't know..

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