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Gather separately i think there's been almost a complete denial baseball is changed at all when we got on the phone when someone from rawlings kathy smith stevens on this was the first time it heard them admit there is actually some manufacturing variation that occurs in the manufacturing these baseball's and so there there can be some natural variations that happens they also admitted that they continuously tweak or change the way that the baseball's are manufactured so they're not saying that the tweaks they make aren't going to change the way the baseball performs fact with the way they do them is specifically to minimize any change the performance the baseball according to what they said but i wondered whether it's possible that a few tiny tweaks they might have made independently wouldn't significantly impact the baseball up but together would would lead up to this omron search that we found so they they sort of admitted that it was possible that there were small changes but said that in total they haven't seen any evidence that the total performance at the baseball so again we house a sort of denial but i'm not complete outs outs what's going on and what we found so i thought it was interesting for boats rawlings and mlb that were were making a little bit of progress in that were sort of getting them to at least admit that the baseball's could have changed and made either were tweets the manufacturing process so we're we're not getting to the point where they're actually saying yes the base while they're different but there is some evidence that at least there may have been slight tweaks in the way that the baseball strike clearly they're taking the issue more seriously are the least looking into it although they've denied in the past that there's any meaningful difference in the ball it seems as if you know we've heard not only this task force that they've commission to look into it in greater detail but also may be you know storing the baseball's in climatecontroled rooms this year and possibly puma doors and every park in future seasons so it does seem as if they are monitoring this sort of thing and and looking into it more deeply and i don't know whether will ever.

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