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Satellite radio, don't guess on fouls. See it. Don't guess Jamal Murray has it across the timeline behind him to Joker Joker, Right side over the will bark back over to Nicole Yokich. Yokich has it on the elbow against Luca starts backing him down. Split. The defenders got fouled. He'll go to the free throw line. Well, that time Willie Cauley Stein came over to help. But Luca Could not handle Joker. He knew it off the baton. Joker got them both off the ground There. You won't go to the free throw line. Do that every time first free throw attempt of the game from the cola. Yokich, M v P Candidate. Mind you Western Conference Player of the Week. Luca has 10 free throws free throw number one for joker that one's up in in so he can shoot free throws to MBA. It's okay to put him on the line every once in a while, It's striking the similarities between these two players in their stats. Last time they met, of course. In Denver. 38 points of peach apiece, both averaging around 26 on the season. All right, I gotta calm down. Second free throw fright. Joker goes up, and then he'll be looking forward to two more free throws. The second half. Here comes Luke across the timeline High right side over the purse. Inglese. Present discarded by Millsap. Top of the key over Nicole Yokich. Willie Cauley Stein downloaded Luca Nobody was within 8 FT of them. So there's no foul called and his runners up and in, I told you I was gonna calm down. Another sleeping by 11. Jamal Murray hasn't the elbow jumpers on the way that one's good. Now let's see the back by 13. That's Jamal's first bucket since the first quarter. Of course, he hasn't played much in the second row. Six of eight On church has it on the high left side over 2% discarded out there by Paul Millsap. Hands it off inside the Arctic Jalen Bronson! Back behind him over to Luca Luca whips it over the course. Inga, scarred by Jamal Murray throws out of it. Bronson goes baseline all the way through the lane. A leans ended Nicola Yokich. It gets rewarded for the penalty he got. He got Nicola leaning there, and Bronson did the smart thing and just jumped right into him. The easy bailout. That'll be free throws coming up here for Jalen Bronson. You know, the nuggets have had this leading 13 14 unable to really pull away beyond that. Free throw number one is up it in his dad played for Denver. What's your deal with his dead? You know what? He was A. We're all competitive if we're in this field But he was a poor sportsman when it came to playing cards. Hmm. Had nothing to do with basket and you don't forget that. No, no main main man. I mean, give it a go fish. I gather no Martin shoots an airball. He's over three. Don church has it the other way. Luca peels off of the high life side. He gets a high pick from Bazinga moves off of that throws in the corner over to Tim Hardaway Jr. 10 on the shot clock back behind him over to Don church Don shits goes the left hand head fake on the three better hurry here. Three Pointer. Bronson. That was good is suddenly the lead is down to single digits. 63 55 8 Point lead now for Denver Nuggets See 2.5 on a good run here. Harris has that throws it off over the Joker. Back over the Harris. He runs over a player. Oh, that's a tough whistle against Willie Cauley Stein. I'm not sure that was a good story that could have gone either way way. But when you're a little when you run into a big almost look like Carrie pushed up there in the plane that should've just kind of been a no. I mean, he dipped a shoulder. Yeah. Dallas got screwed on that call. There's no doubt about it. He's got the grill. See, I told you, Willie Kali's got the grill going. I like it free Throw number one for Gary's up in any lab. One more James Johnson going to come back in and one more free throw coming up for Harris. Nuggets with a nine point lead have 12 free throw attempts? Luca has 10 Why do you keep bringing me back to any man in life You don't want to like an angry cause. Second free throw by Gary Harris is good..

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