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And i'm like be. I know you and i'm like i'm sorry sweetheart out i don't she goes. You're the guy you're you're the guy from the christmas thing. And i said what she said my grandmother and my sister. We were at christmas thing two years ago house. Like oh my goodness issues. Like i knew i knew your face. You helped us out two years ago. My grandmother she was raising us. And you helped us out. I knew i remembered your face and here it is like wow you know. She remembered that moment she didn't she didn't me. Because i caught a touchdown pass or about run year. Whatever you wanna call. Or for what. I did in college she remember. You're the guy from the christmas thing you're you know and another situation. Where we we had a. We had sixteen girl last year. Names aerial aerial as a break-ins area won't see eighteen years old. She won't and there are certain things that she couldn't do. Because our mom and dad could do chris because they spent all their money and travelling expenses and hotel stays to do Her chemo and try to find different ways to give her a better chance at life in a miracle brain cancer. It just like they're like listen. We can do now keep her comfortable so they spent all their money in treatment and doctor bills hospital in all the kind of stuff going across the country. Rana save their baby. And because of the gracie's donations that people have given me. I was able to give them a christmas last year and the girl was so sweet. There's there's a pitcher and are posted on twitter. There's a picture of we're picky. Promise it right. I'm still like i'll pick you promise you that means a lot to me. I will pick you promise you and we picked promise and i said as long as you keep fighting gonna fight with you. I'm going to fight to the very with you. I still call and check up on her. You know have a shirt areas warrior Because we're just fighting with area. You know it's that that those are the things that we do with our advocate four or five years ago. His grandmother came and she said he all he wants to do is play basketball. All he wants to do the time we wakes up to the. He's just he's bouncing bouncing bouncing but the park is a little bit ways away and he always wants to bike to go to the park with that year we got him a bike and a brand new basketball and how does make me cry but that christmas get on the bike in the basketball in that spring i get a call.

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