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The l i'm tom roberts investors were keeping a close eye on the stock markets again today after a nearly 1200 point plunge on the dow jones industrial average yesterday at the new york stock exchange nbc business correspondent joe link can't notes that the economy is heating up wall strength winds will be looking at as interest rate the new federal reserve chairman's around powell as you now with warning yesterday and some investors aren't really sir how much he's going to be raising rates than that of course would make stocks a whole lot left the tracks says the dow's off by five hundred points when it opened today but quickly recovered before swinging between positive and negative territory at least two people are dead and over one hundred more hurt after a powerful six point four magnitude earthquake hit off the coast of taiwan just before midnight local time the quake has toppled buildings in the eastern city of wall yen lawmakers fear a government shutdown could happen as a deadline closer in a capital briefing today house speaker paul ryan touted a sixweek funding extension with a full year a funding for the military the only reason we do not have a full budget agreement is because democrats continue to hold funding for government hostage on an unrelated issue democrats want longterm protection for dreamers the house intelligence committee is giving steve bannon another week to comply with a subpoena bannon's private interview with a panel has been postponed until next week bannon and committee members are involved in a dispute over the scope of his questioning the intel panel is investigating russian interference in the 2016 presidential election president trump says better border security will help curb violent gangs like ms thirteen we need much better border mechanisms and much better border security we need the wall going to get the wall trump spoke while hosting a roundtable discussion at the white house today day it's a beautiful day a nice neighborhood the beach mr rogers we'll get a full rubberstamped next month greg rogers was the longtime host of the public television series mr rogers neighborhood you're listening to the.

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