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Probably could not have done it any better than he did. He was tapping pictures that came in in key situations. It's so funny in watching baseball and I 70 early this season. I don't know if it has to do with the pandemic if it has to do with with Ah, maybe she's taking a bigger liking in me talking about talking about Thank you gave him talking about sashes. Interest in what's going on with the Giants, and last night. We laid down to go to bed now, usually what'll happen is if we go to bed before the ball game's over. I usually just let her watch TV and I'll throw the game upon the tablet or on my phone or a lot of times. I'll just throw the earbuds in if it's if it's like the last inning, and last night when I lay down, it was not When I look down last night, it was like the sixth inning and we were in bed for a while watching some baseball because, as I said, this thing just felt like it was not going to go The Dodger way. Even when the Giants were down now, three nights in early I was like, man, What a bummer! Max Muncy three run shot of his birthday. This is gonna be a tough one. And then here comes Brannan built the ties the game, and then it kind of became the game where things were getting away from Joey Bark a little bit behind the plate. Johnny Cueto struggled. He and Bart had not worked together previously seemed like it took them maybe a minute to get on the same page. But we're laying in bed and it's like the sixth inning. Maybe must have been the sticks. I have to look at exactly what the ending was maybe the seventh And Juan de Peralta comes into pitch and she said, How is this guy? Well, well, you know, it's it's I think at the time it was 6 to 4. Maybe it was 6 to 4. Yeah, because then Joey Bart had the double play and the following inning that was reviewed with by the way at a horrible, terrible call by the first base umpire to call Joey Bart. Safe on the double Playing upon review wasn't even really close that Muncie beat him to the bag after leaping in the air to Ah, To catch the throw coming from Kiki Hernandez, anyway. She says. Has this wanted Peralta Gandhi said, And he's not very good hasn't been very good. He's he's You know, he's been in the bigs as I think he was at the Red's last year. I just wasn't too high on him coming in that situation, and she said, Well, 264 game it's a close game. Why would you put a guy in who's not all that great? In this situation, I said, Well, that's kind of the way baseball goes. If you're losing, especially in the later innings if it's a close enough game, then yeah, you try to stave it off and you try to bring in one of your better guys, But generally you save your better guys, and when you just have a few of them like the Giants, do you save them for when the game is tied or when you have the lead? Well, they bringing Wanda Peralta and he gets four outs and he gets all four guys that he faces. And she says to me Well, is that going to be a crucial thing if they come back and win the ball game, and I said, Yeah, no, I don't think so. I don't think anybody points to the sixth inning middle relief. Why, when you're losing now, and I said, if they come back, it's going to be all about to come back out of the offense. Make it happen. Who's the guy that made it happen? Brandon belts, two home runs and five R B eyes, and he was one triple shy of the cycle. All of that came into play, and then you look at the nine guys. Gabe Kapler ran out there, and it's so funny. I woke up this morning and I was thinking about it again. After sleeping on that comment that I said to Sachin just kind of brushing her off like Yeah, the middle relief is never going to be the story. This isn't the This isn't a big deal. Well, it wass. It was. They went seven scoreless innings did the Giants relief pitchers and you can say Well, they give up runs in the ninth and the 10th or Excuse me in the 10th inning. The 11th. Those are both unearned and I'm not going to count them and look what we can say. Well, they went seven scoreless innings. If a team comes in in the second, and they take you to the ninth. It's not about the seven under roads. It's that the two runs that were given up where the two runs that were placed on second base. I'm not gonna I'm not gonna cripple Tyler Rogers and Sam Selman for allowing those runs. You just can't do that was it was it? I think those were the two guys. The last two guys who pitched. I know, I know. Roger's gave over an inning are had over in your work. It was actually Harlan Garcia was the other one who gave up the unearned run, but seven scoreless from the Giantsbullpen and they were fantastic. So you've got to give some credit. Andy's wars came in and sort of quietly gets the four out to give a born head get four of the five guys that he faced. Trevor got two thirds of an inning wanted Peralta's I say he retired all four guys that he faced on 17 pictures. Sam Kun Rod With a with a big out where he got Jack Peterson on 100 1 Mile an hour fastball. Sam Kun ride back out there, Throw in flames. That's a guy that maybe if he's healthy, could be in the conversation. He works himself back into it and work himself into a into a little stretch here where he's getting consistent outs that he could be a guy you consider for the ninth inning. Definitely one to keep on the table. Shawn Anderson. I didn't like what he did last night, a third of an inning hits and a walk, but but he didn't get one out there. Kayla Berg are gets the to Ah to out any It's one strike out here. Harlan Garcia, who I think is becoming one of the late inning. Guys. Harlan Garcia's been fantastic since he's been brought up and he's been tough from the left side. Tyler Rogers as we said, an inning and a third, he goes one hit one run and two strikeouts. And then Sam Selman gets his first win of the season after Donovan Solano, a walk off home run. Now there's a couple other notes. We got to get you from this game. It is a historic victory for the San Francisco Giants against the Dodgers, and I saw a note in a bunch of them were Around last night, and this morning. It is the first game tying or go ahead home run against the Dodgers in the ninth inning or later by a giant. In 23 years. I just was a game tying home run, not go ahead because I know Dan or Meyer wants the walk off against the tortures on Ah, Friday night back in, like 2006, or eight or somewhere in there. Somewhere in the Dan or admire Kevin friends in era..

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