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A green light to reopen from the Governor's office. Protocols for use of public playgrounds include masking social distancing by kids on equipment and even time limits for use. U C. San Diego epidemiologist Rebecca Fielding, Miller says. Understanding How Cove its spread is the primary reason for allowing kids to get on slides and swings again. It's really become increasingly clear that playgrounds are not likely to be Major drivers of the epidemic, San Diego said. The woman, Lorena Gonzalez, says the delays and reopening playgrounds probably had a lot to do with competing interests looking for permission to reopen. This is something that just kind of got lost in all of the Hoopla around economics and schools. And yet we forget some of our smallest Children, sometimes with the state guidelines in place local health officials when they have to come up with their own timetables on women, how to reopen all public playgrounds. Two families, Pete Demetriou, Okay and extend 70 news radio. A San Gabriel Valley woman facing federal charges for allegedly running massage parlors and forcing immigrants women into prostitution. Grand jury handed five counts of sex trafficking to the suspected madam Today, investigators say she owned and operated several massage parlors. You know, Monte and South El Monte allegedly coerced her victims to engage in commercial sex acts, saying she would report their prostitution to police expose their immigrant status or claim that she could have them murdered. A large survey of people in the entertainment industry shows. Not much has changed since the ME to movement when it comes to reporting powerful people who sexually harass others. Almost 10,000 entertainment workers took the time to answer the Hollywood commissions. 110 questions survey. The key findings 65% feel harassers go unpunished, and most said they're afraid to report abuse. One of the reasons people don't report they're scared, too. They're afraid of retaliation. They can not want to be the on ly person who's coming forward, Commission executive director Billy Harrington tells Can next. They're working on a pilot reporting system where workers could anonymously report harasser and have the option to launch an investigation. If someone else reports the same person, I will make a report, But if And on Ly. If somebody else identifies the same individual at which point they are given an option to whether or not they would like to move forward and participate in an investigation. The study's results will be made public in October. Ever leave elders can extend 70 NewsRadio stung by this fire in wine country in northern California, the glass fires in the quadrupled in size and 24 hours burn more than 42,000 acres in Napa and Sonoma County. Nearly 70,000 people have evacuated their homes and Area Entire city, A Calistoga under a mandatory evacuation order, Cal Fire's Jonathan Cox's fire crews and aircraft They're working aggressively. We have 1474 personnel that includes Cal fire federal firefighters as well as local government. Firefighters from throughout California. At least 80 homes destroyed. Cal Fire says the glass fire is threatening more than 10,000 structures. 5 20. Let's check your money. Here's Mona Rivera. The September slump resumed on Wall Street, with investors worried aboutthe lack of progress on a new stimulus package. And we're jittery about the first presidential debate, the Dow fell 131 points nearly half a percent. The SNP dropped close to half a percent and the NASDAQ skated 1310.3% consumer confidence has been pretty low during the pandemic, But this month there was a big uptick. The conference board's September index had the biggest one month increase in 17 years. As people started feeling better about the economy and the virus. New outbreaks, though, could reverse that optimism. Home prices jump the most in two years in July that, according to the latest Corelogic index of 20 cities, overall home prices were up close to 4%, though several cities had increases way above that. The biggest increase was in Phoenix at 9.2%. Ella came in at 5.3%. We check your money a 2050 After each hour. I'm Bloomberg's Mona Rivera from the H. M s Capital Money desk can x 10 70 NewsRadio, a new game that teaches how to interact with police officers. We have details 90 seconds away. It's 5 21. Tonight. The.

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