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It's the ad to and the flyers one Colin Wilson. The first goal of the game from Alexander Kerr foot and Eric Johnson, just a minute thirty seconds since seven thirty at the first Sean couturier, connect me and giroux and then JT convert eight seven seven goals now from San Gerardo, twelve to view, the forecasts looking for more. Here's a shot high and wide from Gerard, rebounding. The corner for me Renton taken away by program and Al here come the Philadelphia Flyers. But only momentarily Sam Gerard as he often does leaves the rush, and then is the first man back the Bank check, Colorado. Mckinnon loses the at the red line. Philadelphia has the puck in the apps get to that as. Jury Parsi program can't handle it. David McKenzie gateway. Okay. By the Philadelphia Flyers. That was saying Goss despair who took it away from Nathan MacKinnon MacKinnon tried to jump out of the way and say column, Shane Gaza, spare gotta stick on that and a beautiful piece of defense with the as still keep it in the short angle chap Tyson berry who's back on the ice. Obviously is up into the screen and the ad off inside the flyers in. I was gonna be one next look to see if some Barry was back on the bench, and we were looking in the wrong place who's on the ice. So if you're wondering if Tyson varies, okay? Yes. He is is the answer to look at it two on one with McKinnon and gave Landis. God MacKinnon was sliding and gossip spare not even looking at the puck behind him with his stick and knocks the puck away. Vance Latta might have been a tripping. Call Banadir McKinnon jumped over Jane Kosta sphere. Boy, the contact and try and get around. Play by the number fifty three four Philadelphia. Four fifty six to go in the first period. Coming up at our first intermission. We'll talk to an Avs player. And Mark Burton Noli..

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