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And he's a principal data scientist and executive adviser Allen Hamilton and he discards discard out official intelligence not as artificial living in France. Sweden like fake things It's an off official show. He's changed the A and I think it's a smart actionable intelligence minted or accelerated or even assisted assisted. So think about if you think about what we want to do. Ross factly that it's how old mentor accelerate Out Human Intelligence. So that's a much nicer way of inciting artificial if we can look at it how we as humans interacting acting with the technology. And what is it the hoping to have at the end of fasting direction to me. I think this is really good stuff. Welcome back in that in a moment because we see we look at a as well. We've we've done some courses on that but a big thing may in developing that was to really define what artificial artificial intelligence is today because it's not like stole for the Science Fiction Movies off tomorrow so I think that's important to define what it is and to me. If somebody said you know could you describe somebody who does know what it is. I tell you it's automation using the latest technologies which are more adjust or something like that but want to go lacked. Tell me again the the instead of using artificial. We're those words that you're now using that you've heard I wanna wants to hear them again. I thought they were really good. Okay so what do you think of I think of it. This intelligence is a Wednesday. Okay I think of it as actionable. Actionable fantastic were augmented. Yes yes or accelerated even assisted. Now think about it. That's exactly what we anyone want to take action old Manson is just making something you know making it better bigger accelerated. We want the spe eight today. That's one of the reasons we have such at L. Focus. is we working things to be even foster and assisted. It's better to help us some task. there's some learnings are I think that's a real I. I'm taking that away. Says had explained is so that goes beyond automation running use those. They're really really good but is narrow case. I see some organizations what they're doing with the latest in technology. Great at those certain things as they seem to who entre rely more on the to do more work on strip away. The human element basically downsize outsource whatever that is so you end up with technology the then works to whatever prominent as you code into it with a little bit of thinking around the sides but not huge thinking that are we taking the human element away from businesses by putting it all this super tech. Well this is when we think about the IAE. So And that's why.

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