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That this is twenty eighteen treat yourself right it has a history of success is the company behind ninety x insanity twenty one day fix t twentyfive brazil but lift that's obviously that's my favorite one pie yo hip hop apps three younger retreat and more they have great trainers you'll get motivated by celebrity trainers super trainers like sean t schilling johnson tony horton and autumn calibers calabria's calibrate let's family name for me to other hundreds of affective workouts for all fitness levels ranging from bodybuilding to weight training to cardio to yoga even dance workouts again that's great for me the one i actually really like his p ninety x it's kind of like the it's the most compact one i think we get the most bang for your minute and obviously paul ryan does be ninety x a lot when he was running with mitt romney he would have been the vp ninety x i really want you to try the service i really want you to try it because come on don't look like schlub i want michael knowles show viewers and listeners to look like really hot coffee people so dry it out i'm telling you you'll get a special free trial membership when you text m k s two three zero three zero three zero you'll get a free trial membership just do it man come on helps me helps you appreciate it m k s two three zero three zero three zero you will get full access to the entire platform for free all the workouts nutrition information sport totally free text m k s two three zero three zero three zero okay let's get into this country so really terrifying report the people are just forgetting about the holocaust this wasn't that long ago i guess in a sense it's not all that surprising it's been now seventy years since world war two there aren't a lot of survivors left either of the holocaust or of that war really and of course americans don't learn history never the less i have been saying this for a long time that people talk about all these terrible countries in the world and these threats and all that that germany is the worst most evil most dangerous country in the history of the world and normally donald did a great bit on a specific.

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