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Independence of the fbi and the department of justice hgtv says it suspended the release of a new show show house rescue because it's host is accused of molesting a girl during a sleepover 36yearold christopher dion also appeared on family flip i'm jackie quinn all the cream cheese ap's mike kemp and reports to their abrud is voluntarily recalling some of the cheese sold at its us store the company says the recalls due to possible bacterial contamination a statement released by pinera says testing from a single production day indicated the presence of a form of l'estere area in one variety of its two outs cream cheese pinera describes to re caused preemptive saying there haven't been any reported illnesses the recall includes all varieties of unexpired to ounce are eight ounce cream cheese with an expiration date on or before april ii the recall does not affect any pinero bread canadian bakery cafes i'm mike hampered two trucks with forty eight and a half tonnes of chocolate were stolen in southern germany and there is no sign of the thieves the trailers had four hundred ninety six thousand dollars worth of chocolate they were stolen from an industrial park and freberg friday night one of the trailers was found saturday after the driver stopped at a rest area near the german french border the driver ran away leaving a trailer full of stolen chocolate behind the second trailer was found in lahr also near the border with france twothirds of that chocolate and the thief were gone police say they've launched a search for the thieves and they're appealing for any witnesses to come forward fighting piracy it sees the goal of a weeklong joint exercise between malaysia's maritime agency in japan's coastguard the exercise will also focus on search and rescue operation the malaysian maritime enforcement agency says the japanese coastguard sent a patrol vessel and more than fifty crew for the exercise it also says one of two patrol vessels given to malaysia by japan will also be included the agency said in a statement monday that this is the third such exercise in five years to help build capacity because robbery it see and crossborder maritime crime remain a significant threat in malaysia's maritime zone thank you for listening to the ap radio network hey did you know that the associated press producers newsrelated books here's what's new in upcoming first pat presidential dogs cats and other creditors deadly force fatal confrontations the police the hubble telescope a universe of new discovery and many more visit ap dopp warrick slush books to purchase or visit amazon barnes and noble dot com ibooks.

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