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I'm ali hassan in for tom power so get this quiz shepherd was just fifteen years old when she came up with the script for her first film and unlike a lotta screenplays didn't stay in the drawer by the time quinn was twenty that script was a movie blame reimagined arthur miller's famous play the crucible but instead of being set at the salem witch trials it is set in a high school now remember what i told you acquit shepherd she wrote the script at fifteen and she says that was actually a huge help to her as the director end the lead actor in blame she didn't have to remember what high school was like she was living it blame is all about a student who starts a relationship with her drama teacher jeremy but when i spoke to quinn shepherd we started the conversation with the inspiration about the film when welcomed to queue thai so tell me about blame it's a modern day retelling of the crucible what was your introduction to this story so when i was fifteen i was actually cast in a regional production of the crucible and i was so enamoured with the play and also with playing abigail i was really method when i was a teenager and i felt like i really latched on to that character not you know obviously she does a lot of really horrible things hitting apply but there was something really powerful about playing such an adult role that i hadn't i really had never played an adult role a fifteen before for those unfamiliar can you tell us a bit about the crucible in who abigail williams's in the play abu williams is a 17yearold girl who goes to work for a married man as a servant you know it's the sixteen hundreds salem and she hasn't affair with him and win his wife get suspicious heathrow's route and won't speak to her again and so she grows very angry and resentful and jealous and wants to destroy his relationship with his wife in order to get revenge and sort of have this continuation of power of the she fell when she was having this affair with him so i think what's very interesting is it's a it's a role that often cast with an adult and i think the choice to have a real teenager play the role just really changes the the story because there's there's things that you understand about the impulse seventy.

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