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Story Amy Cockney Barrett is getting gets sworn in as the newest member of the Supreme Court at a White House ceremony during the event, Justice Bharat says that the American people can count on her to fulfill her duties as the newest Supreme Court justice. Thanks to the Senate for giving its consents to my appointment. I am grateful for the confidence you have expressed in me and I pledge to you and to the American people that I will discharge my duties to the very best of my ability. Justice Bharat is President Trump's third appointment to the Supreme Court since the beginning of his presidency. Over the past few weeks, the entire world has seen Justus barrettes, deep knowledge, tremendous poise and towering intellect. She answered questions for hours on end Throughout her entire confirmation. Her impeccable credentials were unquestioned. Unchallenged and obvious. You all Texas Conservatives are praising Amy Cockney barrettes confirmation. Texas Attorney General Kim Paxton put out a statement saying she's demonstrated superb temperament, judicial restraint and a firm commitment to the rule of law in the Constitution. In addition, pro life groups like Texas right to life, are also praising the confirmation. Bear it passed by a vote of 52 to 48, the only Republican to vote against barrettes confirmation was Susan Collins of Maine. All this is the future of the Senate is uncertain as the election approaches, Fox's Mike Emanuel reports. Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell notes, confirming a third trump justice is a huge legacy item for the Senate. We made an important contribution. The future of this country. A lot of what we've done over the last four years will be undone sooner or later by the next election. It won't be able to much about this. On CNN, West Virginia Democrats, Senator Joe Manchin vented his frustration. That McConnell and the Republicans aren't waiting until the voters have spoken in the 2020 election. Really, we could have waited to after the election very easily and not divided our country Further on Capitol Hill, Mike Emanuel Fox News Justices who are serving on the high court today had an important ruling. The Supreme Court will not be allowing Wisconsin voters to have an extended deadline to get mail in ballots returned. The ruling means of ballots must be in by eight o'clock. PM on Election day. Democrats in Wisconsin tried to make it so ballots just be postmarked by election Day. It's news time. Two No. Three vice presidential nominee Kamala Harris will be paying a visit to the Lone Star State on Friday. Here's has reportedly set to make multiple stops across Texas on the final day of early voting, including one here in Houston. The location and time of her Houston. Stop. We have not been released by the Joe Biden camp yet. A new University of Houston poll shows President Trump leading Joe Biden by more than five points among likely voters here in Texas. Posters interviewed 1000 registered voters during the first week of early voting more than 40%. Of those people polled had already voted, and the pollsters found Joe Biden had a substantial advantage. Among those early voters. However, surveyors also found nearly two thirds of people planning to vote on Election Day. Said they would vote for Trump. Houston's mayor is calling for a toned down version of Halloween this weekend with an extra hour for daylight saving time Bear Sylvester Turner today said he fears the city's covert rate is rising again, so family should find alternatives to trick or treating another Halloween traditions. In the haunted house is not only will you find the ghosts, but you will find Corbett 19. So you want to stay away from the 100 houses, especially in large groups. The mayor's suggest one way trick or treating where you set out prepackaged goody.

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