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So this season was all about the two live crew and the rise Miami Bass it was super important to us that all the original music composed for the series. Did two things I. It had the capture the time eighties early nineties and second get it to capture the place Miami liberty city teen discos tricked out with stacks of speakers So we turn to a composer named on Bennett. That's one of his speech right. They're not as producer Sunni's worked with artists like Kanye West name Kadena John Legend and Rick Rose. He also made a lot of the music for the first season of mobile. Another thing that nobody Nana is true. Hip Hop Scout. He loves thinking about the history of hip hop now. The genre's sound has changed over the years. I started a conversation by asking him why he wanted to come back to work on another season mobile. I'm just like a big history buff right and I and I love being able to study the pass and study you. The people that came before me In Ghana we have cold single right. The symbol of that is It's a bird flying forward with his head backwards right and the it basically means that you can't really know where you're going into you see where you came from right and so. I think that that shows like mobile. That really speak to you know Different generations that led up to what helped pioneer this genre. That's the biggest genre's arguably globally in and I mean Is is is. It's an important show and I think also for generations to come to I kind of know and have access to these stories You know so for me. That's just ultra important. And so anything I can do to Kinda help. That mission is something that I'm completely down for so in season one clearly It was a very New York hip hop story. What for season two We traveled down to Miami. I'm curious what your thoughts were on Miami Bass like like did you come up listening to that type of music I I studied for for time in college actually College was kind of I grew up on. You know listen. It's a lot of African music. You Know My dad playing you know different records in the crib. From the marlies of the world to the fellas shunned as someone and so forth. You know obviously coming up it was a teenager as everything is just hip hop right. So it's like listening the listening tonight listening to to buster right and then I remember going to college and being like okay okay. Great colleges when I really started focusing on becoming a DJ. So I was just trying to collect mad different samples in different sounds and all about different different genres in different places on and so forth so there was a time where I studied Miami based because I was just like man like if felt like if I like a lot of ways it felt not like funk kind of like essentially lent itself to Miami based in a certain kind of way right it was like New York was about boom bat and breaks right and then dope. You know like wraps over top of that. But I felt like the idea of groove and the idea of rhythm and the idea of getting people's bodies to move was something that Miami based understood in a whole different kind of way you know and so me as a DJ as a producer this as a fan wanted to understand that word Actually WanNa play a piece of music that you wrote for the show Right now for us to Q.. Is just super important because it appears the start of episode one when we first setting the story up and for me it just feels like exciting and Mike. Something's about to happen here. let's play This is Music Nana Rope. And here's a taste. How we hear show? This is a moment when trick daddy and Trina breakdown with campus fight for freedom of speech meant for hip hop negative Supreme Court. He went into and he represented he dressed the part. He spoke to par act part. He went in for something that paved the way for all of us to be able the comments at his platform the dual redoing. Like you'll be none of us here without that you know bigoted impact that. Put Miami on the map..

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