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Saying i'm like he. He probably a golf ball. Getter. that's right. That's just a sideline for him. It doesn't take him long to clear out. A course i ball. That's what i'm saying so really. Isn't that shocking. It's just guy. Caught jerk it off at work really a for all we know anyway. Yeah i'd like to believe. Well i mean who knows. That seems like a lot of work. It does like i need. This is the only way. I could possibly get off right here all into well. Who knows if it's not maybe Something else going on to you know you don't know this is all they know. No no maybe there was a whole fucking thing. Or maybe they're like who the fuck is this guy like. I dunno less stress them up. Let's bug them and then you died. I don't know just throw in the bathroom. I have no idea on the first day of work now. I i want to say that There are some people out there that are kind of stupid when it comes to relationships like funding. I mean really fucking dominate. You don't you don't see this about this person or whatever or you actually anyway okay. This woman she's married. They have a baby little girl. they do. A twenty three and me ancestry kit okay and it turns out the daughters not related to the husband and they said and there's trying to sue twenty-three me because their fault they said they fucked up like did they like if you did a second test and it showed that the father was the father that would be different. Think about it Yeah if they were wrong and then all of a sudden you're you're thinking that your daughters not years. It causes a problem in your relationship. You freak out leave after the fight. Run over a dozen orphans in an like now. What did you do what they do. And they and they just got a little sample swap. You've got a little bit of somebody's. Dna you know bob. The processors dna on your swabi when you turn it in. That's all and it was just a mistake as a lab and totally killed the whole busload of orphans. Well there's now they're saying of the According to the dna that it belongs to This employee from the christ hospital. It was overseeing her pregnancy overseeing her pregnancy ncaa. that's out. sounds really weird. Wishy and retread. We don't we don't have any of these answers do we. I would say in vitro. Nice hot injector. Well maybe not. Maybe maybe it was a sperm swab on the fertility clinic. Action not could be like like ominous substitute this dude sperm for my sperm. Because i want a million babies well this disco lot deeper uncovered. Damn you twenty. Figure out that like twenty. Three percent of the population of the entire northeast. United states is related to this dude. Now what does he gang con. Congress guys don't know what that is looking up learning history us this this guy. This guy wrote in with the with a problem. But i thought i'd talk about it here. I actually got a response from his wife as well. Okay he anyway go on chatting on online at gajah well. He had His he he got a hand from his wife right and apparently then afterwards as a wire. Ese much as a doctor. But the dick was burning really really bad. It was running burning. Okay burning bad as college doctor. Like what am i. Welcome d. I'm like i don't know if your dicks burning jesus christ i don't know you did you watch. It was the indian burn like. Well what is it. Well apparently is wife. They figured it out because his wife had cooked something with habanero and she thought that she washed her hands well enough but she didn't so she still had habanero fucking coetzee's shit on her hands and when she was giving him a job he starts like how this burning and then she good. Oh it so get does spit. Mirena through gypsum juices. Then and that's the thing it's like. Well what did she have her hands. Nothing do you think it was. The hall of pain was shopping or habanero. That's even worse. Yeah those are way hotter. They are okay. I you know. i'm. I'm thinking maybe it jerk you off jerry jeudy you you've lost it you. You've you've compromised your red bull and and show prep a have yo. That's all right your to die. I can't shut my eyes. I like really flipping off the fucking wall right now. Let's go to your favorites run a here. Maybe a little lap around ludgrove boobs in and on the news. It's time once again for all right. Everybody this week chips. Man is more bouncy bubis. It says which breast implants ballots. Moore's silicone or saline silicone or saline bounce wise. I don't know now. They say it's usually weird question but it mostly depends on the breast tissue. And how much fat you have in your boobs. Yes in your chest area. But they say that generally silicone breast implants feel more natural than the saline ones and they do brow back. I mean bounce jiggled better more more realistically and they said that That breast bounds is influenced by the elasticity of skin stuff. So he's generally. It really doesn't matter. But if you're if you really want to get data brasstacks silicone silicone bad for the previous. Previous statement was brought to you by the silicone. Manufacturers of usa co silicone even. I don't have implants whenever i know. Plenty of people. People get to say lead ones now because if if something leaks trains right a rupture anything then your body just absorbs and you're you're not gonna died unless they say fuck. Yeah i mean not like that say lead and it wasn't like grow mold inside that blue bag but a little moldy blue bag say lead. Well i think about the one night that neoprene silly string filler. Oh yeah the one they released. Yeah kind of silly streak. But i'm sure they don't feel that way. I mean key messages like like maybe like an end of one of the like pocono like ended up like boring a hole through your skin because you have it so fucking huge because they really only put those in the gigan- show like ridiculously absurd. Implants yes well so you don't fucking die you still walk. They're light enough. Yeah it's made out of arrowe hill so imagine like what is it like. What if you pulled it. Could you just start like like out of the little hole that are made like just like a tapeworm something. I'm thinking that it doesn't do really a spray foam that you know it's.

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