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Gotta be sought scoreboard update. For Mark Harmon one final from the top twenty five bit of an upset. Louisville winning on the road at Virginia Tech seventy to sixty four couple of games in the first half Oklahoma on top of Iowa State twenty seven twenty three and West Virginia and Texas Tech nodded up early going fourteen a piece Dave thank you Mark customize a role get your colors her chance to win it letter or official rules USA dot com slash rope sweepstakes. No purchase necessary official barbecue sauce. Northwestern athletics, Bradley serve here at the new wells fried arena. Visit us golfer deliberate. The sauce. A two point favor. Penn State two point game now favor have state six fifty to go. But the Wildcats have held the last without a Bill in the last three minutes. Back down eight can't with it. Forty seven forty five. I think. Joe showed by the fresh pillar. That's a big shot. A lot of pressure. You're under park down you need it. Going shows the ball, really nice. Got air. One dribble. The trade space shot it with a lot of confidence. Towel cells law Turner part for the Wildcats trail by two with six fifty nine left. Stevens Watkins read out there. Reeler? Red Penn State it bounced past it's of Packer Reeves looks around Gibbs to Stevens. L Senator Wheeler year cork circle hand off threat. Moving left picks up his dribble. Got up to Stephen's work at against law shot blocked by law and the rebound. Say by copied inbounds to dread shot clock down to five driving shooting and scoring for Penn. State was Wheeler. They were telling him to reset the clock forty nine. Forty five have state didn't matter. Perner took foul zone on the left. Four point. Penn. State lead law has it goes up hard drives on walking up with the left hand for Garrick part two point game forty nine forty seven part now with eleven points. The other at Penn State six five to go Stevens with pop and law, and there's a foul on Miller. Swung the ball through Cup had his hands down. That's always got the ball. Keep your hands. I use your chest note would have stepped through the double. That's ten team fouls. Here's my answer. Six minute. Mark. Investigating. The begins check in with four fouls. Two shots here for Stevens. Three for four from the free throw line. I went up good. It for fouls zone. I would not they gauge player that plays. Well with four. He can't you a whole lot of good sitting on the bench. I went coming here for lavar. Feet of free throws good. Fifty one forty seven six oh, three left four point Penn State league. Turner, says it had gains interest Rockport through the leg gives it off the law back to gay games with twenty of the shot clock walks. It out. For. What's his left part under group Turner out to law? The right. The part is they don't take up three straw rebound. I don't think that put they had minders. Lob over the top pot pie. Chart was rejected by party. Earliest redirected deterred or the other way to keep the ball away. From wheeler. Off the games five twenty four point Penn State league. Expanded dribble out from the top calls for it gets it. Top two freshman up. Turtle shot clock at eight across the law. Try to feed it apart. It's deflected out by walking. Hera in for Penn State's Watkins. Do you want football prospect? He looks the part. Is turned about five of the shot clock. Looking here. The cop with five with four free. Throw lives puts up a runner. No good out of bounds. Eight ball four fifty to go Penn State up by one forty seven. State. Read driving. What race what against two stolen back by dread? And here's real or Stevens drives law throws one up and. Fifty three forty seven. Steel and the steel right back. How big was that? There's games to all four and a half left wall right baseline, rubs Hera cutoff blobs out to part top three point lawn. Derek part back to law drives past Harris gets inside short. Jumper won't go back tie, pardon the Tertre route a copper threes that won't go had a foul or the rebound. Hold on Harold. I thought that was big law. I guess I missed that one on the good side. That walls. Put the cats of the bonus seven team fouls. Penn State second on Hera won't be at the free throw. Log with four fourteen to go. Wildcats doubt by six. Miss forest. Great shots. Go up two minutes without store. What at one here for law? Is the rip curl up. Those good. Rebounded by. Four. Oh. Off the hash. Mark Foreside took full screen of broadcast the right baseline back out to Steve now reach fakes to three. Baseline against Turner body oil. Pocket. Five stevens. He'll put up an off balance. Jumper. No, good rebound law. Three forty to go down the floor. Cats are gal by six fifty three forty seven. Three and a half remaining Turner gets it out Brooke dribble set accord. Herself a high street from part drives in jumper dole good pardons there for the rebound. Layup goodbye. Derek fifty three forty five. Big offensive rebound. By the number two offensive rebound, real fifty three forty nine. Had state breeds having Stevens traffic Rutter. No rebound law. Hera tipped it. We've his way to the basket shot was blocked by Stevens at Reeves cut away with it. Penn State plays hard don't they would know their old Ted the big ten a heck of blocked by Stevens forty to go walks with both. Scores table folded against.

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