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Pretty funny yeah and hand me for the day before was a match god I I I like that show that will watch it as much as I watched the other ones but I mean Richard Dawson's awesome bread summers and Charles also writes a letter is and then they bring in you know you have your your your weekly red head down to the bottom right hand corner with from the the lady from the Bob Newhart show she was on there yeah Marshall was he was actually one day she was she was there two weeks ago she's yeah but it's funny because I got the red heads a but the bottom right hand corner for whatever reason and then up to the top left you may get your senior no gal is Avery Schreiber or Nipsey Russell William Shatner was up in the the top corner I tell you what there's no doubt was out to get on the tail back and is pretty looking and then usually had like two min airplane to we need to go to the tower but Sir we don't have a tower he just walks through the TV set usually had your beauty like you're you're really good looking up so on the bottom left that's usually with the bottom left was but now I just the advances in Somers probably right that resides in Somers on match game is usually landers one landers sisters who Saluda just you there I'll think about a minute but yeah I did that Richard Dawson was he was classes the general and we just had a very robust discussion starting with the nineteen eighties coming of age teenage movies and went all the way through to game shows Richard Dawson everybody could you imagine we tried that too you know when he stopped kissing Alamo really and guess who married a contestant on valley view I mean he told her he again the point he told me that he promised.

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