Sam Bankman-Fried: Fallen Crypto CEO and Democrat Donor


I'm here to talk today about this crypto guy, the crypto billionaire, Sam bankman fried. And his rapid fall from grace. Now this is a guy who very assiduously cultivated the media. He was only 30 years old. So it is a 30 year old billionaire and there were all these articles I was seeing from places like fortune and Forbes. He's the new Warren Buffett. He's a new Carnegie. And I'm thinking, wow, well, didn't Warren Buffett build up his expertise and wisdom, painfully, over many, many years, if not decades, and isn't the same true of Rockefeller and Carnegie and so many other of the old tycoons, so and I think the point of these articles was, yeah, well, this guy must be even smarter because he's only 30 and look where he is. So in other words, he has figured out a much faster road to success than even some of the old revered names captains of industry and of finance. Well, it turns out that this sandbank went freed was running a kind of a Ponzi scheme. It seems or a some have said even a money laundering operation. And here is the political implications. He's been running a kind of scheme to the benefit of the Democratic Party. Now, some could argue, wait a minute and she also did give some money to Republicans and while that's true, in fact, apparently gave a little bit of money to McConnell. The vast vast majority of his contributions have been to Democrats.

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