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And it has to do with peter struck and the fbi and all of this inside the beltway intrigue this game of thrones house of cards deep states uh creepy nece it is really the left you know they murdered one hundred million people in the last hundred years in the name of bringing about utopia and they're still planning on bringing utopia to us at lays their version of it and i marvel at what we've seen over the last couple of days with this peter struck guy uh it is it's not a conspiracy so much as it is how's it a conspiracy i don't know if he's in collusion with other people and they know the reason collusion with them but he's a but boy for hillary people and he is involved just in the middle of up to as i balls in every bit of the russia's scandal the hillary scandal and he was this nameless faceless party apparatchik a leftist a hillary water carrier inside the fbi who was in the middle of chests everything it's amazing what this guy was in the middle of he was the deputy assistant director of the fbi for counterintelligence now he's in the human resources department throwing cards into a hat waiting for somebody to complain that jesse jackson grub tumor something he was in the go one hill larry interview he was in there he was the guy that persuaded colmey not to prosecute hillary he was the guy that changed the language in the komi speech the komi presentation that took her illegal activity and poff made it legal he almost singlehandedly exonerated cleared hillary clinton because turns out he's her man on the inside he was one of twelve people in the fbi who got a hold of the dossier which by the way was funded by hillary and then was leaked to the press immediately after president trump was briefed on it and that could be a felony leak i think it's time be a special prosecutor for peter str look what do you think because this guy needs to be held accountable it was also funded by the dnc but as a donna brazile made clear the dnc money was all controlled by hillary too so hillary and hillary funded the dossier and struck is one of twelve people in the fbi to get the dossier in the.

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