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The second half of our program is live. It's been a really good one. Mike to Rico was with us about an hour ago. We've talked about this weekend's Syracuse Notre Dame game. He doesn't Dame football for NBC. He's a Syracuse graduate and proud one at that. We also talked about the analytics and now time for Bill Hancock brought to you by being expressed be the ready and Bill always nice enough to join us on these day after Bill I must admit I was flying last night. So I missed a show for the first time. But I probably could have guessed how it was going to be resolved. But we always wanted to get inside that room, thanks for being with us, and certainly no surprises. But what what what did you and what did this committee take away from week three? Well, good good to talk to you. As always. I think a lot of people would have said, oh, they left the top ten the same. So they had an easy time of it. And actually we did at the top ten the same. But but getting there was. I don't wanna say difficult. None of this difficult compared to the real world out there. There was a lot of discussion about everything in the top can of top twenty five. No, one loss in the top one that eleven issue. And then I think eight of eighteen loss between something like eleven and twenty four. So yet we have a lot of work to do yesterday. And I came out in a good place. Let's let's start with the top five or six, and the reason I bring that up is, you know, the narrative on Oklahoma is they have they have one of the best. If not the best offenses in America. But the flip side of that is is their defense. How important is that to to the committee? If it turns out that they are nipping at the heels of that fourth spot. Well, they obviously have deficiencies on defense and. But their offense is so dynamic and collar Murray, so real deal, of course. But the committee looks at the whole package. You really need to be bring strong on both sides of the ball. And he said that if Oklahoma can future forty eight forty seven then so be it become eighty obviously the committee like everybody else in college football than been watching their performance on defense all season. But if it comes down to it in committee can't trust their defense. Will that matter in the end? A lot of times the committee will ask each other grid meetings. Who would you gotta play. And sometimes ask the coaches sometimes sports writer in the room. Who would you rather play? And then then that's that's that's one strong way to approach it. Home is done what they have to do. Because of that offense. So I think I think the committee hasn't ranked where they need to be. We just talked to Seth Walder from ESPN stats and information asked him about Washington state. He said they're not going to get in. Well, I've heard that. But you know, there there's another team with a guy namic offense and government. You just keeps getting better. And if you look at the way they lost at Southern Cal. They could easily at won that game. So we could be looking at undefeated watching the speed team right now. UCF was another one those that he said that about UCF is on center stage this week. I know you're find the they're passionate fan base. We all are they really seem to care about what we all think of them. But their schedule is not great. Is there anything that you picked up in that room? That would lead us to believe that they have a chance to get into the playoffs. We know they're higher than anyone's ever been. But that's not really what this is about. Is it? No, it's really not. I always enjoy those fix that people come up with. But the committee doesn't think about that in in case of UCF the committee sees that offense and McKenzie Milton. It's a real deal. They're fast. But. Not sure about the defense. And obviously they haven't had a chance intestines against the really good teams. The white at some of the other people have done week after week. Clean Cincinnati getting into the top twenty five, you know, up. See stature that game this weekend..

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