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Gender discrimination suit. 10 10 Win Zach you Weather Morning sun fading behind clouds chilly with rain toward evening. Could be mixed with sleet to the north and west. Heading for a high of 42. I'm not lost and go to those small businesses who inspire us all on the bottom line for small business. Windu's time 8 41 time Travel Transit and Jody Veil John. Let's go to West Chester and the Bronx South and digging, Not very inspiring this morning. It's a mess. We're jammed up. I'm a five car accident. This is at West Tremont Avenue. Delays are going back to Fordham Road checking the 10 10 wins. Jam. Cam crews are still on the scene. At least two lanes air getting by then a little further. South 138th Street and another crash in the left and center lanes. Go local or take the Bronx River. The Bruckner is also looking good. The cross Bronx is moving well. Sound found Hutch crash around Coop City being cleared And New England Thruway, not seeing any troubles through Westchester and up to Connecticut. Here's what you need to know about. The bridges and tunnels looks good at the George Lincoln in Holland East River crossings, no troubles and no problems on the Eastern West Side of Manhattan. Times Square streets have been reopened from New York's Eve's tiny celebration last night. Brooklyn and Queens. L. A Grand Central Belt. They moved There was a crack shot blocks Elaine on the north bound BQE at Queens Boulevard. Not seen any huge jam ups, though. Looks good on the inbound. Go on. It's up to the BQE. Jody Veil. Our next report at 8 51 on 10 10 wins his apologies to Barry Manilow. It wasn't just another New Year's Eve, not with.

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