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The. Tom Brady is putting in work with his new Tampa. Bay Bucks teammates whether it's against the NFL players, associations, interests, or not. I'm Sierra goodwill here Evan. Lazar now that there's been a couple positive corona virus cases in a couple of different organizations within the NFL. Tom Brady is still going out for these voluntary workouts getting to know his new teammates on offense in your fired up about why I'm a little fired up about it because for three years I heard Tom Brady stand right in front of all of us in say that he needs to spend. Spend time with his family in the off season the exact quote from last year where my kids aren't getting any younger, just trying to spend time with them. And that was his excuse for why he didn't go to OTA's why he didn't work out in the offseason with his teammates as much as he normally did. The Montana trips things like that. The passing summits that was his excuse was family time, and then I see today the report from the Tampa Bay Times I believe it was that he's continuing these workouts through the pandemic so basically what? What Tom Brady and New England. It's not as no offseason workouts. No pandemic, then he goes to Tampa. Bay Global Pandemic, still doing the offseason workout, so listen I understand that the new system. It's a new team. He's got new teammates to throw the football to build chemistry with those guys, but I will turn around and say well. What about Nikiel Harry? Wasn't he a new teammate last year, wasn't he? In New Guide to the system, didn't he have to build chemistry with him as well so basically Brady? He went on his instagram. Put a picture of. Of himself and Gronk together at one of these workouts, and said caption, no excuses well for three years. You made excuses Tom and now you're not making excuses anymore, and you're doing this and Tampa Bay so I'm a little fired up about a call me a homer. Call me, but heard about the situation. I don't really care. All I'm saying is is that this is a different guy than what we saw three years ago in the off season. Now he's planning and running the OT as when he wouldn't even show up to the Otas New England. Definitely a little hypocritical. So, what does this mean? Is he just with a new organization with a new system with new teammates in? It's really just trying to flatten that learning curve and get to know everybody, or does this actually shed light on? Maybe he just wanted some distance between him and bill bell check in mcdaniels. That was a little bit rocky then he just wanted to. Stay at arm's length until he actually had to be there. What is this me? From the conspiracy theorists in me Sarah wants to say that Brady not showing up to OJ's Brady, taking a little bit more of a standoff approach when he was in New England in the twilight years with the Patriots, was sending a message to the head coach I I truly think that he was sending messages to Bill Belichick that he was unhappy here. WHO's unhappy with the offense around him? He was unhappy with his contract situation and his leverage was to sit out. Out was to show. Not Show up and I think that was really what he was doing at times, but I also think that listen after twenty years in the system with the Patriots. You don't need to go to every little workout to learn the interests of the playbook to learn the terminology to learn what you're running from the base formations in the base kind of concepts of your offense. Brady obviously had those data new. England and he didn't have to kind. Kind of reinvent it every single off season. Where with Tampa Bay he's in a whole new system, all new terminology learning new teammates learning new situation so I do understand that there needs to be a little bit more kind of urgency there a little bit more attention. They're giving than maybe on a normal offseason with the Patriots. When you're entering your eighteen year nine hundred twenty with the same exact team, but the same thing that I come back to again is just. Just that don't tell me that there are no excuses because you made excuses here and teammates like Nikiel Harry or the young tight ends that they brought in or or the backs that they've brought in like a Damian areas or Sony Michelle those guys had excuses and had to hear why Brady wasn't showing up until mandatory minicamp until mandatory training camp and now in Tampa. Bay He's he's Tampa Brady is doing a whole different thing and a whole different routine so. On one hand he's he's Kinda of talking out of both sides of his mouth era. Exactly got his Tampa ten two, so he's looking like he's enjoying himself down in Florida well. We'll keep you updated with all of our.

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