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Staying informed has never been more important. Information is coming at us faster than ever. So how do you make sense of. It'll start here. hey. I'm brad mielke from abc news. In every weekday we will break down the latest headlines in just twenty minutes straightforward reporting dynamic interviews and analysis from experts. You can trust always credible always solid start here from abc news twenty minutes every weekday on your smart speaker or your favorite podcast app. It's a quiet spring morning in suburban virginia. And i'm in the backseat of a nondescript minivan with tinted windows. Deputy marshals chris lure and daniel schimdt. Check our stakeout. their mission. fine. John rufo crisis latte pretty much. Yeah because it's hard. I mean this is robot robot like a little robot. You can drive around with a camera case. You've got a giant pots. Jason is weapon of a rifle today. Shield of yep so Ballistic shield matthew person. Danielle don't think they'll need that kind of firepower. But they're always ready. This turned out to be rufa. You'd wait for other people though. We were not do this alone but if you had you. Had you got what you need. I hope we can outrun. Look that fast. But you'd be surprised sometimes but we do have We have a for their freedom right at any one time there are hundreds of fugitives wanted by law enforcement. The us marshals are in charge of finding them. Then there's a small group of special cases the fugitives who've been so hard to find. They need extra attention. These cases get priority status. They get more resources. Bigger awards like john rufus case. Chris and danielle had been in pursuit of rufo for almost three years now. Much of the work is painstaking. Reconstructing financial records analyzing personal habits and traits and mapping his contacts. But the two deputies also follow up on every possible sighting. No matter how. Flimsy the tip may seem. Today they're looking into a tip. That came into headquarters in arlington virginia. So what is the origin of this guy. We're going to take a look at. What's where did he come from. So he came from one of the inspectors have been headquarters Sent us this tip and our redo it the tips. I've served a guy who looks very similar to rufo at a store. I'm going to give us address Who's in the Couple times and when he found interesting was The guy fit the physical descriptions of rebel heavy new york accent. Same height and weight goes. You can't just ignore that like yeah and we're not gonna ignore any that comes through and what was interesting about it was it came from you know an inspector so somebody who somebody who's like not a lay person right. Who would maybe just say. Oh well and send us a bogus tip like a tip. We got last week was. Oh hey we see rufo. he's in kansas. The guy six foot something. It's likely not rufo paid. You're allowed can rule out pretty quickly just by digging like the one. We got last week where he was in. Kansas danielle's probably spent a couple of hours on the computer and was able to find a driver's license photo of the individual. And we did not need to investigate that. Further buds kristen. Danielle had arrived an hour earlier to stake out the location. It's a small store in a suburban strip mall selling mattresses recliners and easy chairs. Actually as i was kind of pulling into the parking lot at about nine fifteen is pretty easy to identify individual which this tip was about. Did he look like roof food. You he does. He's the same. He's the same height and we have our capabilities of advanced. When we're out in know when we're out in the field out on the street we can obtain driver's license photos on our phones. Depending on state so I always able to identify the individual saw where he parked and based off vehicle information Was able to identify him and so we do. So we know the individual is from new york. He is five foot three revival four. He has a very italian name You hold photo side by side which is always interesting to do so. That's not a bad. That's a pretty decent lead so you know the one in kansas. We looked at it. I quietly enter the story behind them. The salesman's smile melts away as they explain. They're not looking for furniture. He does look like rufo lightly as possible. They asked the man if they can scan his fingerprints..

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