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Fuck a great stuff pretty good. That's give credit to Tyler bendy. He's actually like super famous barely in India like really good musician. Okay. People are putting women so. So now, we're going to go ahead. Yeah. Well, one I click on it. I mean, not really upset about that. But anyway, get outta here. So with that said Chris about buddy, what What time time you you get get. to you? All right everybody that being said the next week Christmas series. All right. So next week. We'd have plans <music>. So the Christmas specials the kid's Christmas specials the Klay year of all their two to three of those. That'd be sixty minutes because I'm only twenty minutes long. So we'll do three of those right? Reverend is reindeer the miser and. Out of Santa Claus might even put flexing their frosty or something or or Charlie Brown because I haven't seen Charlie. Does that twenty minutes, Marcus? I think might be a little we'll see. Bye. Take Casey oil company comes to advice. Tang all those wonderful things on just search double to fan page DD. DT merch all that stuff fan, art, even more. So tag at does families. We'll Facebook just search double tosa make things come to Facebook supplies full of Facebook and get on board early because you guys will be one of the base. Consumer double log to platinum. So join us while we go plan. But in the meantime, whenever to platinum we can get a hold of us. You can always find me. Facebook excellence. Forms of social media. Never plan them for you. Chris we're gonna find. Chris j her on Twitter, Mr. seventy in class. Classic glass. Can you make that noise again? A great panic voice lease down to the world. Mike catcher resident Truro Felix here. Not like troll in the sense that he's under bridges or that you requires these riddles three, but the or internet, even I don't know what I'm talking about anymore. So let's get out of here. So thanks for watching next week Christmas start with forever. But what that says that out of your so that's it? Oh shit. All you, buy stay toasty. Fuck was that from SpongeBob Patrick goes? Lou.

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