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Read. A story needs to be a lot of rollers walks into quiet everybody. Welcome to another edition of the rock and Roll Librarian With me Christian Swain. The Rock and roll archaeologist. Here is the one the only the world heavyweight champion actually much more heavy much more lightweight. I guess well world lightweight champion middleweight. You mean they may be Bantam. May Be back in the World Bantamweight Champion of rock and Roll Librarians. Shelly Sorenson. Hey how you doing? I coach somebody now. Yeah well you should have about some smack in you do some W. w. e. smack. I'm sorry you can't do that. That's why I'm a lightweight. Oh yeah okay all right. We don't want you to get too far out of your comfort zone. Yeah all right so this is kind of a bit of a continuation for something that we started with another Pantheon. Podcast host. Let it rolls. Nate Wilcox Shelley and I were on. Nate's show here to talk about Well Celli tell us what we talked about. We talked about this book. I have here in front of me which I'm going to dive into much deeper today. That's right it's called. No one here gets out alive which I always want to say. No one gets out of here alive so I have a problem with the title already. Anyway you don't like the poetic license of Doan here here gets out alive lows much better. It's the biography of Jim. Morrison the doors as told by his young plucky. Assistant Danny sugarman. Yes and a rolling stone writer Jerry Hopkins who brought the credibility in the bud. Typing chops his typist. No I don't think he'd appreciate that. I know But you know what I mean. So yeah him in Danny together Dan. Danny's a firsthand experiences of Working from the doors from a very young age And seeing all of the rock and roll mayhem In disturbances in just plain wacky doodle craziness that occurred with. Mr Morrison in his Short twenty-seven years on this planet Yeah and when you say young than and people know that day at Twelve Oh us twelve twelve when he started working for them opening fan mail. Yeah I wish I could get that job and I don't think I would have been a safe job for me anyway. Yeah so you know. It's certainly an interestingly written book I would say yeah And we will dive into it but let's Let's give everybody a flavor of Mr Morrison and of course You know The band the doors At consisting of robby. Krieger Guitar John. Dinsmore on drums. And the man who needs no introduction the backbone of the the act of Raymond Ceric yes. That's how you say his name by the way man's Rick Manzarek. Yeah okay. Yeah or man's Eric. I guess some people but I always I. I was always taught. It was man's Eric. I'd like to hear him. Say it though. Well that's not gonNA happen. 'cause he's dead. Yeah I'm sure I could find something on Youtube pure young. Well what what is it that to me? That's always the test is how do you of course go right? So let's get into it and start with a song. Just one's pretty well known it may not be their most famous and we'll get to those in a bit but it definitely Puts them on the map from the first album. Led US here little love back door man by the doors.

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