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Broad strokes petition. Describe it. I am so Ashley is a woman who's been in an abusive relationship and she is saying will. Why on earth do i need to wait. Two years To get a to thousand my status of being his wife and so she's suggesting that The two year period needs to really be looked at much more carefully particularly in regard to abusive relationships. Even if you are in an abusive relationship you still have to wait out. That two year cooling off period is is that the philosophy behind the that that is create. You still have to wait. Two years of meal and the philosophy behind it was to enable people to have a period of reflection to make sure the marriage was differently over. I think to be fair was also stop. people going. Vote straight into another marriage without stopping to thank you know. So if a person leaves their spouse for another person in the throes of passion of that immediate relationship they remarry net turns out also to fail. The view was they does need to be some period the app to enable objectivity and have a period where you stop and think and philosophically is the amir it to that. Do you think. I mean if you mentioned before that there are numerous privileges that come with marriage. It's not something that should be entered into lightly in the four. I don't know maybe something that should not be exited lightly. I think that there is a justification for saying that they should be some standdown period The justification for that i think is there are people and there will be people who intermarriage saying this is very ver- and the other partner makes a decision. Another spouse makes the decision to end it and they will find that incredibly traumatic and hopeful. And if they're able just to whiz off with their new paramour and get married immediately that that you know that that creates even more conflict particularly if they have children which brings me to my second point where there's children you want stable relationships with possible and a period of reflection period of what went wrong with that marriage m. I sure that. I definitely want to end it. Is this new relationship. That i've moved straight into actually working for me or was i being rosy eyed an idealistic about My new partner. So i think there is still a justification for a period of reflection but i think two years is too long. I would definitely be in favor of coming into alignment with australian lewa and having a twelve month period I think it is on fear to make people wait that long because many people take a long time before leaving marriage and infect by the time they've announced the marriage is over the pretty clear about which path going down and they may want to get remarried to someone who perhaps they've actually been emotion. Vote with for some time and they may be good reasons for why they won't get remarried. So i don't think they should be hamstrung for two years in a piece on the spinoff explaining her petition ashley joined sees the receiver countries with spatial provisions for speed up divorce proceedings. When these events optimistic or six abuse in norway. John's rights you can apply for an instant divorce if these evidence of maltreatment or attempted murder in and you can get immediate divorce if one party is unfaithful or commits sexual. Violence against the partner. Children in canada marriages can be ended. If one party is physically or mentally crew in deeper sees the is scope and new zealand lewa for a similar provisions. Here i can understand that if you've been in an abusive relationship and you finally got out. The last thing you want to do is remain an unmarried state with person. And i think it's fear. I think it's fear that if you prove that. The relationship was abusive that you should be able to end that legal status much more quickly So i think ashley's right And i think she's got a valid point. My only my only issue is we just. We just need to make sure that people don't claim abuse in order to speed up the process that can race off with whoever it is. They want to marry People who are in a hurry to remarry for example but they would be rear and as long as the rules provided for epa david evidence And the ability to dispute it if the other party wanted to it seems to me a very common since provisions and perfectly justified and i. I don't think those people should have to wait really any time at all once. I've got out of the abusive relationship. I mean what is the point. And the reflecting what does the point in reconsidering whether they want to go back into an abusive relationship. The same policy does not apply. We want to encourage people to leave abusive relationships. We don't want them to stay in abusive relationships for this sake or for the sake of any children in the household near enough the state now now if the state admitted us at the state would also say it had cell phone trust in india in those relationships seeming because they cost us all that cost time off. Work that cost hospitalizations. Please time Just looking at it. On a purely economic basis the state should actually have an interest in encouraging people to leave abusive marriages especially jones has been talking about this for quite some time who petition Has been presented and accepted at parliament would be relatively easy to enact the changes that you think that she's asking for here. I suppose she's it's only a petition isn't it is not draft legislation or anything like that so we'll have to go through a full process and that means they are simple changes though i mean the two years to one years change of about one would legislation Ashley's idea that you could also apply to the court and if you can establish that it was an relationship you can get a dissolution too much earlier. that's not major legislative changes pretty straightforward. I would have thought that the kind of change she's talking about and that we've been talking about today in terms of the family. Proceedings eight is simple. It could be done quickly. And i do hope that the politicians do see ashley's petition and hear what new zealand is saying. and move on it because there is there is a small change and shouldn't require government resources visit today. I'm donovan. the detail is brought to you by newsroom. dot co dotting zied and my possible by orangeade ain't easy. You can download us for each your mobile find every day on any podcast platform and if you wanna get in touch email us the detail at rnz dot co dot. Russell produced today's episode. Jeremy ansell in geneva and thanks to lady jane's mafia..

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