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It is. No. WIMP radio in Philadelphia on the call Cody Parke's potential game winning forty three yard field goal bounces off the left up right off the crossbar into the end zone. No good sixteen to fifteen. The final score. The bear season is done. The heels move on to play at New Orleans this coming Sunday. Meanwhile, earlier in the day the chargers moved on the snap hands. The gordon. Melvin Gordon with a one yard, Don. Kenosha helping paces team to a twenty three seventeen win over the Baltimore Ravens LA moves on to play at New England on Sunday. The Saturday's games that'll be the chiefs playing host to the colts in the AFC. The Rams will play host to the Cowboys in the NFC college basketball number sixteen Marquette wins. It's big east opener uses the high screen, Marcus Howard, got the open three. That. See the homered true on ninety four five ESPN FM the golden eagles cruise to a seventy fifty two win over Xavier advisor forum Howard would finish with twenty six points for coach Steve OJ hausky. I mean, Mark is is as good a guard is there is in the United States. I wouldn't trade them for anyone. And he's obviously a huge part of our team. So you're gonna see pretty much everything. In terms of trying to slow him down Marquette next place at Creighton on Wednesday. Meanwhile, number twenty two Wisconsin wins in big ten play on the road. Seventy one to fifty two at Penn State. Ethan hap- led the way with twenty two points to go along with eight rebounds. UW improves to eleven and four overall three in one in conference play the hosts Purdue on Friday night. Also from the big ten number two Michigan remains, unbeaten. They win at home at Chrysler arena over Indiana, seventy four to sixty three number twenty five Iowa they handle things at home against number twenty four Nebraska ninety three to eighty four the hawk is now twelve and three on the scene. College football for the fourth straight year. It's Alabama taking on Clemson in the national championship game for crimson tide coach Nick Sabin. He's aiming for a seventh national championship is a head coach still that doesn't really enter into it in my mind. I don't ever even think about that. At all. I do think a lot about trying to make and help this team put them in the best possible position to have a chance to be successful. Tonight's game is in Santa Clara, California. The home of the San Francisco forty Niners. It will kick off at seven o'clock tonight. We got bucks basketball on the air here on WGM change nine Milwaukee. Playing host to the Utah Jazz are buck shots coverage. From Pfizer form begins at six thirty here on WTMJ. I'm Nick Sabin. I don't have any fun ever in my life. I never smile even the way win everything. And I'm just a chore to watch. He is the humorless taskmaster is not maybe, you know. You'd be a little more easy or at least. I don't know rewarding to invest yourself into this Alabama Clemson thing if if he had a personality, but maybe that's why nobody likes the New England Patriots. Because Bill Belichick is about as fun as a. Empty paper bag, and they are friends going back thirty years. I mean, that's got to be a right ball get together. Nick Sabin was on Bill Belichick staff at Cleveland when he was the head coach of the Browns. That's how far back they go that had to be nothing, but cream pies and seltzer bottles and those to get it. Chill you eight nineteen WTMJ FOX basketball.

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