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Ben Rothlisberger improves the fourteen and four in his career on Monday night football. Big Ben had it all work in the first half for the Steelers against the box. In Tampa shotgun snap. Quick line drive. Throw at your side on. In tokyo. Down the far sideline. Touchdown. Pittsburgh antonio. Catch and run of twenty eight yards and the Steelers extend their lead early in the second quarter fifteen seven over the puck and ears. That is Kevin Harlan. Westwood One on the call two hundred fifty three yards passing in the first half a rothlisburger to go along with three scores. Pittsburgh lead thirty to ten at the half. But there was little fits magic left. Ryan Fitzpatrick to fourth quarter scores but he comes up short as the Steelers thirty to twenty seven earning their first victory of the season. Elsewhere the forty Niners worst fears realized on Monday as expected of MRI revealed a torn ACL in the left knee quarterback. Jimmy garoppolo. He is done for the season. Other injury news Packers defensive end Muhammed Wilkerson could be out for the year with an ankle injury. The dolphins have lost the yen William Hayes to attorneys Yellen. His right knee. Trouble in the Rams secondary cornerback a key to leave could reportedly be out at least a month with a high ankle, sprain and fellow corner. Marcus Peters has a strained calf back asylum. M two to four weeks in Arizona. Josh Rosen era has begun cardinals. Coach Steve welk's confirming the rookie quarterback will take over under center. Same situation in Cleveland Baker Mayfield. Now the starting qb for the Browns college football Clemson turning to a freshman quarterback. Trevor Lawrence will replace Kelly. Bryant who started the first four games for the diamond we go the Yankees eliminated the rays from playoff contention with a four one win. Mookie Betts hit us. Thirty second Homer. The Red Sox took down the Orioles six to one hundred sixty wins. Now for Boston on the year. That's a new franchise record. The Astros won their fourth row handling the Blue Jays five three Indians. Four nothing over the White Sox. Corey kluber twentieth. When pirates five cubs won the national seven three winners over the Marlins the Rockies. Hammered the Phillies ten to one several games still in progress. Top of the ninth or game with wildcard implications. The brewers leading the cardinals in Saint Louis five four top seven the d backs a three two advantage on the dodge. There's also top seven angels four Rangers three yet. Alex and Mariners tied at three bottom. Six. The Padres blanking. The giants five nothing top of the seven. I'm Darwin's Zuck. When people do things that make you question their intelligence. He calls them out on it. I think it's the worst thing ever invented in sports is a no trade clause. I don't think frankly anyone deserves one to me. It's the dumbest thing ever to put yourself in that corner. It's so easy to get rid of him. After he signed that contract that pays in more than God. He's not going anywhere is he like who's picking up that contract. What the Sam? How was he doing out on the baseball field in uniform for rows at all about? You're listening to rail on the big. We're in the quickenloans studios on.

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