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If we had i learned you rudny plunkett ville all so yourself look small light was ship of lake erie but there you go job me monte gives him the past and can have a pass for the snake casper please no i don't have one here and snacks reptiles allowed on the premises i'm fred but casper is assistant manager if he can't come in then we'll never finish fifteenth like promised that the interview well let me see him all so we're not gonna do everyone at the club is desperate to finish fifteenth so i'm happy to help casper casper mellow come out and seller to the nice man but wednesday turns around on the back of the car he sees the boot doors wide open and casper is nowhere to be seen oh he looks at the main building of the train in complex a now on the ground floor he can just see casper's yellow tail disappearance through one of the ground floor windows is lift up the get must fetch him before he gets hurt so stave gets in the building and searches casper kesse where are you naughty silly casper casper i've got your mighty bates all casper well stephen the mono as well all opals row of searched training and the man says the owner the place could look as the o slt room in the basement it's got like all the spring clip pumps and all that sort shit on the well ago inside turn the lights on and the security man is immediately smushed across the head with a flag of cider steve consi anymore just a terrible smell of cider does he can say a large bed of hey that's full allot robert drop ins and three old saxon potatoes in one corner sudenly stay feels the cold steel of a lawn mower blade around his neck.

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