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Talking tech is brought to you by wicks dot com with wicks you can use artificial design intelligence to create a stunning website right from your phone in five minutes or less. Just go to wicks dot com. That's W I X dot com and create your professional website today. Hi, Brett consult from boy spot that a I filling in for Jefferson Graham, who is on vacation. And you're listening to talking tech. Today's topic is consumer robots. It wasn't so long ago that they were destined to be the next big thing. But that optimism hasn't translated into consumer sales. The result Gebo has recently sold off for parts. You don't remember Gebo? Well, it was one of the first social robots the founder mitt robotics, Cynthia Brazil was a favourite of the tech media Gebo even made the cover of time magazine and twenty seventeen and was listed as one of the twenty five best inventions of the year, the nine hundred dollar robot was delayed many times and at one point had to refund the money of early crowdfunding backers, but it did come to market in late twenty seventeen the problem was it didn't sell well, or at least well enough this past summer, the company laid off staff shut down production and sold off its IP. But Jeeva wasn't the only robot headed to the SCR scrapheap. In two thousand eighteen another robot named curry made by division of Bosch when an invasion award at the two thousand eighteen Consumer Electronics Show that was in January by summer the product was cancelled. So what happened however prognosticators so wrong about consumer robots or at least have been so wrong about them thus far. Well over the past four years we have seen the rise of headless robots. We know them a smart speakers like, Amazon, echo and Google home. Whereas g Bowen curry could play music answer some questions and set a timer for about eight or nine hundred dollars an Amazon echo dot or Google home mini can do those same things and much more for under fifty dollars in fact on sale for under twenty five dollars. You don't really need a robot to follow you around the house if you can place a twenty five dollars smart speaker every room. So the question for consumer robot makers is what is the rationale to own one. Animated facial expressions. Don't actually rise to level of must have technology. So smart speakers address, many of these needs more efficiently than robots or smartphones. And some way smart speakers can help facilitate robot adoption because the devices will help consumers become accustomed to speaking technology to get information and perform tasks that's a type of behavior change required for consumers to become comfortable with robots. However, smart speakers also perform many of the functions consumer robots hoped to provide so robots need to identify new use cases that they're uniquely designed to address and an example of this is robot vacuums you may be familiar with roomba and nito bought vac. These are popular with consumers in part because they perform a useful function that other devices do not they also integrate with smart, speakers, invoice assistance, like Alexa, Google assistant to offer voice control. So the future of consumer robots may not be for general, purpose tasks remain social interaction instead single purpose. Robots are more likely to. Seed in coordinate their activities with Alexis Siri and Google assistant each of which can inhabit any device. So you've been listening to talk and tack. I'm Brechin sell filling in for Jefferson Graham, who's on vacation this week. I invite listeners to check out voice bot that on the web where we cover the latest developments and voice assistant in AI devices in tune into my weekly podcasts voice by podcast, which like talking tech is available on every podcast Spotify, Stitcher, and even Amazon, Alexa. Talking tech is brought to you by wicks dot com. When you're ready to get your website up and running you wanna be able to do it quickly and efficiently and wicks dot com. Got you covered they developed artificial design intelligence that creates a stunning website for you with wicks, you can create your own professional website right from your phone, which means you can open your own online store portfolio or blog wherever you are. How's that for efficient? Just go to wicks dot com. Decide what you need a website for pick your style at your own images link your social accounts and just like that your website is ready. You'll look amazing on every device desktop and mobile and it takes less than five minutes. Plus, you can do it with one hand. So it's time to get started. Go to wicks dot com. That's W I X dot com and create your very own beautiful professional website today.

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