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I think we need a big big player and there's been so many contracts have been going on this year we got to find somebody and I really like to point earlier in the show about drafting we don't dress well I'd love to hear what he had to say about that well drafting is always the key we did waive it the the the the the pistons didn't as as Matt would say didn't throw the season away they they they decided to play and make the playoffs so yeah if you're gonna dress if you if you were looking to get somebody good in the draft you got to be and you got to be in the low tens in it with him and with him being one of the worst teams in the league to get one of those high flying of rookies come out and play and be a part of your system and let the pistons are an organization that wants to win now it's it's a very prideful organization so in the Detroit I don't think the Detroit fans will put up with that we just throw season away to get a draft pick and again we've always that's that's kind of been the problem with the prisons as we've been bad but not quite bad enough right you're not getting a top five pick but we've always been kind in that eight to fifteen range which is tougher to get you know those sure fire guide you know one through three one through five is a much higher percentage of hitting on one of those home run kind of guys we've been a little bit further back which again you can still find them there but it's fewer and further between we've we've missed on a few we've met yeah what happened out of the Mitchell old green with that I worked with dad at the New York Mets I've been watching him the line was talking to him when he was in high school that was one of the first things were I I met you know had a a good relationship with his dad because he goes you're you're the missing got around the office right like yep so we started talking about he was asking about code the line obviously he ended up going to Louisville but that's that's certainly not the only one that we've missed out on there's been a few of them but you know that's one thing is either going to have to build through the draft more you're gonna get this isn't a free agent destination so you're gonna have to if you are going to get a big star to come here like Blake Griffin you gotta trade form right so you could lock I mean it's got bad injury and we're gonna have to trade for a big star to come here we're going to have to have as said that a star with you know a team wants to you know for trade we're not gonna necessarily land so are you doing get you got to get rid of Blake whoever is willing to take Blake really or I don't think anybody wants Drummond I don't think anybody I think we're all planning for two years from now Jim okay I think everything's because that's when Drummond you know Reggie comes off the book this year Drummond comes off next year and like the year after so you've got Blake in his last year of his contract but you'll have those other two big ones off the books where you'll have some some money to throw got money to play did you have did you got time you got the money to go around Blake will be in the last year of his deal so again if he he could be expiring contracts are always valuable assets so he could be a valuable asset that way or maybe again if we can couple one or two good players to go along with him maybe then that's a good season that you can build on on my own watching the heat play the Orlando Magic right now eleven at some really you back into it now now now I said the heat are playing so that means whose play Duncan right that's the only reason you get and there's guys all over I was watching Derek Walton play with the LA graders the other day Jordan pool had another twenty point game right Mar Muhammad Ali Abdul rock my was blaming sleeveless what they were all on the highlight reel yes I didn't have to watch and they showed the ball Jordan Paul was very zero but I was like wow join get a lot of TV they're playing really well I was like you when I was seen in Jordan pool going there you go where was the and you know what I'm saying is that consistency I just looking for but Hey everybody peaks at different times of their of their life and also again it's a different game once you get to that next level right play differently it's a different type of game and some guys styles fit but you know fit better with one versus the other that's why you see now a ton of great college players who they're game doesn't translate to the NBA it's just again sometimes the different fit right there you go well we need to go to a break when we come back you may have a special guest star it was into the end zone this is the Ms own.

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