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Fifteen minutes next report at ten forty eight a New Jersey won a one point five one point five answer whether at times this week but some nice weather to go around as well and it's fairly mild rain will exit tonight partial clearing to take place overnight lows dropping down to the middle and upper thirties sun and clouds mixed as we have for Tuesday high of fifty five to sixty and rainy weather expected Wednesday windy at times highs in the mid to upper forty six sunshine expected on Thursday highs anywhere from fifty five to sixty I'm meteorologist mark Thibodeaux all right we've got forty degrees in Swedes borough thirty eight degrees or Raritan thirty seven degrees south Plainfield fest traffic instant weather every fifteen minutes a New Jersey won a one point five the trouble is Wednesday night trivia Thursday night jerseys opening lives Thursday night town hall coronavirus and what we're dealing with another load carriage got doctors all here to answer your questions right now dealing with addiction as the corona viruses lock down and we've got Nicholas writes down the bad nickel is high on the Jersey won a one point five hi Steve how you doing good how are you pal I'm I'm doing all right I'm in our recovery now I mean I've been clean for four months now graduation all right yeah thank you I don't really like talking on the radio like this is my first time so I had addiction for six years no one from her descent to heroin she shooting heroine and then overdose two times but now I'm back on my recovery am I love my longest clean time was seven months so it's hard it's gonna be harder now what's it like like with everything shut down it's terrible like you can't go no where they have on line meetings and stuff like that I go to IOP program right three days a week three hours a day but they're switching to video like video chatting right so it that's a little tough you know for me because I'm not too much into the phone is not the same it's not the same as the human contact.

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