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You know they're fought to be like the leap program and college football but proved they beaten this year they win the conference title there to me i mean the diving would somebody thought enough of new put him fifth that's my point gaby a year right on the verge somebody loses europe now we'll we'll see we'll see the wind once again the committee is given themselves wiggle room i think what's going to be interesting is what a full state crushes wisconsin you know i mean unip penn state michigan state are all better than those are teams that allows dp are better than any bama win i mean and i'll tell you what's really interesting is if pama in ohio state who a lot of people feel are definitely one of the four two of the four best teams even allow state lost at iowa they gave up fifty fifty plus ski points in that game if alabama and ohio stake it left off i think that's going to lead towards an eightgame a team playoff because there be w people clamoring to increase the size of the play off of those two big boy is get left out here i'm looking at it jimbo fisher story in florida state and again we don't talk alike jimbo fisher but nonetheless hey it i don't i don't care what your your relationship he has to uh the administration on somebody along the line may have tried to screw them over is not bobby bowden whatever it is but jeez when you're being paid millions like that make up your day mind i mean i understand i guess you want to keep your one option and when negotiating ploy against the other but it it you know you don't drag out a school you've been ad for a while in my mind and then and then end up go to texas anm any way to tell me go i mean his cue when's the perfect time to go well i you wanna put don't wanna finish what you started i mean you started the season you wanna finish out the off the seize now in my employer has to go out and get another coach now i once again i don't.

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