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As you see here, it's clear that twenty five year old. Daniel Hamburg is running away from officer, Andrew del key who's also twenty-five. There's distance between the two and you see the officer shoot at Hamburg's back as Hamrick was dying. Police recovered. What they say was his handgun. The chief speaking WPRO channel to a Nashville says, there's more to the story. There's a lot of activity that's not failed. This all started with a traffic stop where police were searching for a stolen vehicle. Now, thinking that the police is the enemy, the family of the shooting victim says the officer should be charged. If there's ever a case of premeditated for free meditative first-degree murder, this is it, this is it. He stops and takes his time and make sure he gets good shot. All right, Steve Olson. Saami joins us now live and Steve while prosecutors decide whether or not to press charges. The police chief tonight is saying he will take a look at how officers are trained. That's right. Tom, the police chief says he's already sent a note to the police academy telling them that they'll soon discuss whether they need new instructions for officers as to what they should do during a foot chase. This officer remains on administrative leave while the investigation continues Tom Stevenson, Saami live press tonight, Steve. Thank you. Another big story. We're following tonight. The new details about that remote compound in the New Mexico desert and what would have thirties to make the grim discovery of children and adults living in horrific conditions. Tonight investigators are looking closely at the claim that the children were being trained to commit school shootings, ABC's Clayton sales at that compound tonight tonight a look inside the filthy and remote New Mexico compound where thirty say, eleven children lived in horrific conditions and where one probably died. The smell is just overpowering thirty nine year old Sarraj and four other adults. Now in custody, we're living here with. The children. But police say, there was no food electrically or clean water in this is like a fortress. The local sheriff and FBI began surveillance here in may looking for a Hodge and his three-year-old son, Abdul, who was reported missing last December. But the sheriff says there wasn't enough evidence for a search until last week. Last Thursday, somebody great knowledge of the compound of Santa message saying, basically that we're starving. Children are starving. That is when thirties made a grisly discovery, we didn't find remains of a young boy. We discovered the remains yesterday on medical fourth birthday. The compound was illegally built on Jason badgers, land. He says, thorns did not act fast enough. There's no excuse if something could have been done to save that child. And you know, it should have been done. This affected to police say, they discovered an arsenal of weapons, including an AR fifteen rifle and handguns. The foster parent of one child telling thirties, while Hosh had trained the. Child in the use of an assault rifle in preparation for future school shootings and attorney for Hodge denies that he was training school shooters here. He and the other adults are now facing multiple charges, including child abuse. He has not entered a plea, Tom, Clayton Sandell tonight without alarming discovering the desert..

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