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Like coach Peterson in our Philly town is barbarian the birds the passport I guess Barbera believes ingredients of go birds the cable W. twenty four hour traffic center I'm Sam clover now the oxygen eyewitness weather forecast cloudy today was scattered showers a high of fifty one like cloudy with more showers likely low forty five tomorrow overcast could see some scattered showers a high of fifty five forty seven right now in Juniata park forty six and one known on forty four at the acme and pay only sponsored by act me your favorite local so supermarket we are heading up to fifty one degrees today it's nine fifty five now the gill on money question of the day on K. Y. W. Kim from Massachusetts asked my husband passed away last year and he basically handle the finances any use this guy for years I'm not crazy about him and I'm thinking about finding somebody new how can I go about finding someone in my area there are a couple of options for you Kim the first one is nap for dot org the national association of personal financial advisors there you can find fee only planners in your area you can also go to let's make a plan dot org that's the website operated by the CFP board have a question send it in as Jill on money dot com Capital One where you could open a savings account in about five minutes entered five times the national average just imagine five times more savings toward that overdue home edition maybe even an addition on that addition this is banking reimagine what's in your wallet Capital One N. A. member FDIC for more money news sponsored by the Delaware Valley Land Rover retailers with Tom Busby from Bloomberg morning Tom good morning Carol well the holidays are definitely over on Wall Street investor jitters about possible retaliation by Iran for that deadly drone strike as stocks sharply lower right into the open right now the Dow down two hundred fifteen points the nasdaq down seventy five yes to be lower by twenty five even shares of apple which a record high on Thursday about three hundred Bucks apiece or trading a little bit lower automakers will start posting December fourth quarter and full year vehicle sales data soon already Tessler topping estimates for juror live for deliveries last quarter.

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