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A he's got has gone out hero that's what i was saying out but that was the direct route as arif kevin owens insane overran yordan and knock amora anyway daniel brian especially guest referees i i hated this match special stipulation was that the two biggest baby phases on the smack down brand don't matter that is that we have you know the the i'm ed that if they if owing zana lost it would have been fired there is a whole lot of schmunity nonsense shaming man tried to fast count to get them fire daniel brian stopped him dan o'brien got pushed by kevin owens on to shame when he was doing account mike designed my getting the stuff right and then at the end then at the end daniel ryan ends up doing a relatively fast count to give zane an owens the victory and then celebrated with them sort of ostentatiously on the on the entrance ramp as they exited orbited sort of oxymoron i heard something that made a lot of sense to me this week it was on uh lance doorman cyrus his podcast killing the town and i think it might have been paul lazenby who always comes on to do the paperwork you reviews he said this should have been on smack down there is no reason why this should have been on the payperview because it wasn't a wrestling match you couldn't pay attention to any because there's an extra person in the ring and there is a bunch of like horse shit happening where they're trying to figure out which side of the ring in they're going to count the pinfall on and they're both can in the fall the same time stuff like that is fine it's wrestling storytelling it's how they get from point a to point d in wrestling storytelling is having stuff like this happen but when you watch a payperview it's supposed to be a climactic battle the end of things or or a new along wrestling match that has a story telling that comes from the competitors and not from all.

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