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They're battling back and win and Jim Colony as sports. Thank you guys. And good morning, everyone. This time, The Pirates came from four runs down in the late innings to beat the Brewers 8 to 6. Adam Frasier won the game with a two run homer in the eighth driven all year. So little count like so pretty good. After Chris Stratton and Van writer Miguel Del Pozo had given US four runs in the top of the seventh, the Bucks took advantage of Milwaukee. Sloppiness too, tied in the bottom of the inning. Jeff hardly had cleaned up the seventh inning mess. He pitched a scoreless safe for his first major league win. Nick Burdi picked up his first major league safe. It was more just, you know, after last night's game coming back battling tonight, the way we did you know, it was almost, you know, foot flopper yesterday itself, being able to win tonight and then get to save. It was exciting. Brian Reynolds finally got a hit. He had two of them. In fact, he also threw out a runner at the plate. Whole. Tucker had two hits. He was on base for Frazier's homerun. Joe Musgrove starts against Milwaukee's Brandon Woodruff tonight, 705 on the fan. The Pirates place pitchers Kyle Creek and clay homes on the injured List Creek with a right shoulder muscle strain homes with a right forearm strain. Penguins lost their exhibition game 3 to 2 the Flyers in overtime. I thought it was a sloppy game, especially in the first couple of periods. I guess it's probably to be expected, given the fact that these guys haven't played in this and in quite a while, but I thought the second half of the game we improved. Mike Sullivan got goals from Connor Sherry and Jason Zucker. Matt Murray allowed the two regulation goals. Tristan Jari was speeding in overtime at the Sports desk. I'm Jim Colony, NewsRadio, 10 20 Katy K. Sports Online on video and on your radio. It's the Katy K Radio Morning show with Larry, Richard and Kevin Battle. Looking for a new Hyundai.

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