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Nineteen with recent pay increases Whitman braids at sign on bonuses apply. Schneider jobs, Dutta Schneider, jobs dot com. Eric Harley here our partners at Omnitracs wanna make sure you're covered for the end of the grandfather clause on December sixteenth for E L D compliance. Do you have a trusted ill? The find out with the AO BRD to L the cheat sheet at l d facts dot com. Get prepared for the deadline now, that's ill defects dot com. Or you can go to our website Red Eye Radio show dot com. Omnitracs state-driven Red Eye Radio and our sponsors are devoted to trucking safety. That's why we're proud to bring you the Red Eye Radio million mile club for twenty eight years we've been saluting drivers who have surpassed the million mile Mark with preventable accident-free driving. By reaching this stone. You could be a part of an elite club of drivers who share remarkable safety records and demonstrate superior driving skills. If you were someone, you know is a truck driver with a million miles or more of driving under your belt without a preventable accident. Register online at Red Eye Radio show dot com. That's Red Eye Radio show dot com. The Red Eye Radio million mile club would not be possible without the Jenner. Support of the fine folks from petro stopping centers house lubricated, motel six the Saint Christopher fund cat scale, Freightliner, trucks and Detroit. We applaud the individual truckers and fleets who drive with care and keep our highways safe. The Red Eye Radio million mile club devoted to trucking safety. Register online at redeye radio show dot com. Hi,.

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