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It might not have as much wear and tear coming into it so something. I just take on west state so allah has just two point guard sue. Beating west coast seaman. We we beat dallas ready right. Yeah but that's false. Let's just say right now out satan last care so so far the only west teams that we faced this far. Dallas and memphis memphis is a weird of. Yeah yeah yeah memphis is in really depends on like how far they can go with job john yet jump so they also traded a whole lot of guys. You know it's like it because they don't have a balance eunice anymore they have adamson in there i i just got to see how kinda produces and it's one of those things where we talk about system in Basketball a lot. And you know. I just see i feel like there's another sugars. I don't know enough about jaren jackson to see what was the about giving that accent. I think a lot of mba teams kind of freaked out about rookie contract extensions. Because why they're gonna freak out when the new tv deals come in. That's why they rather get those guys out now kale. They don't wanna be the meat leak. Bridges situation where there the pale. These guys at this can be new. Money's coming in is there isn't that covert money coming in But i i don't like our reserve really taste so far so you know i mean. Both teams are similar. Both foreign three. So that's a who the heat of beaten so we haven't about what we have beaten brooklyn what don't give me the whole. There's kyri kyri last year yet. Exactly or should i focus on. How opening night cons- milwaukee. Just say what. What's up with veteran. I hurt i. I mean yeah. Are i mean championship. Lull to like also be thing so they'll be fine they'll get not basing whatsoever foreign floor. They'll get it together. And there's i can't take serious or things that's why i don't worry about on central. We'll see how the bull stand up to them this year. That'll that'll be a nice change to see. How was that bowl same as most like us. Well that's that's why it's it's a. It's kind of intriguing seeing the bulls. I mean i. I actually if they if they keep playing like this. Oh that that's an eastern conference final. I love boston. Sucking because brad stevens kinda played the bill ryan role where i want to consolidate his. And i'm gonna get my do I figured it'd be perfect..

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