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Feel like? HAS TRIPS odes. Doing is like me reaching back to a young magazine saying Oh. This is really good music, and and this is who I am, and these are like like the music like really represents who I am. This is the music that built Maggie. Yes, and then, but I didn't get his into it as I should have when I was younger. Now I'm like getting into it now, and it's all just background shit. They influenced you, but you realize was influencing you. Yeah, pretty much, and it's all the shit that Ashley will, hate. Like I, like doing like the completed tip of anything you actually like this was all the stuff that would come up on MTV. When I was getting ready for school in the morning when MTV actually played videos, then I would look at it and be like I'm not fucking watching this internal. Good we'd be like college roommates and I'd be like hey, did you hear the new product? It's good even. Had such an idiot. Go. Underground rave to know you want to go. No, no I don't at all I really like what the fuck is a rave knows this Raven a barn. It's still streets so cool and then I'd be like. I don't drink. Radically shouldn't drink when you go to really shouldn't really only one thing you should do when you go rave, but then I'd be like I. Don't do drugs, but jokes on you I've been to I've worked festivals that Raves. Because it's all Tron Ika and it's like a outdoor festival at that point, if it's just people high off their faces. That's just woodstock. Yes, Woodstock but electric music instead Chanaka music so I, don't know, but the point and I was in Ireland so I don't know to that. You just ruined your point. Did I ruin it says I. Think Americans would be like this is a raven. Meanwhile Lake Europeans would just be. This is just like what fun is guys..

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