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How do you know navigate and even more call it a sketchy category of cannabis because the people that are in cannabis a lot of them come from the black market. A lot of lowest common denominator of how am I gonna make money on this? So it's very very hard for the consumer currently to navigate themselves into proper cannabis product you that they've tested some in the products on the market. Yes. So we've so the those that are. Interested in what's going on start to test the competition to see what they're putting in the product. Unfortunately, it hasn't broken the Bank. It's you know, you can go to any analytical lab that tests cannabis and spend seventy five dollars and get a potency analysis, which most labs will give you eleven of the hundred thirteen Canaveral it. So you can see if there's mainly THC CD there. What we've found we won't call. Apple what we found is that those that don't claim a certain amount of CBD. Basically don't have any C you went and took your competitors in topical face products to a lab to test. Like, what percentage isn't didn't have CBD about half? And that was only those are the top cash is it because they had like hempseed oil. But it was CBD. We don't know because there's guys out there that are putting him seed oil on their ingredient deck, but claiming CD. And not really understanding that hempseed oil doesn't have CD. So there is to some extent a disconnection between a marketer and his supply chain. Which is you know, that's again, it's not uncommon and beauty. But it's a specially sort of like it's rising to the surface and the cannabis world because it's so easy to test. So yes, if you're if you're a consumer that's interested to see what's actually in your candidate Speights product, you can take to an SE labs. There's also a ton of e. SEO labs is probably the most well known acing SEO. Oh, sorry. Sorry. Pause. I I some time on this. But no. So S as in Sam C is in carpenter labs if you see.

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