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So the Astros were to help right you have to plan the war anymore now we could write about why it all went wrong I was still thinking of this as something that we'd had a right to do and might be doing again somewhere and obviously we have not been successful so the question was what can we learn from our past experience while he worked on the study Ellsberg was still seeing top secret communications about the war and one day in nineteen sixty eight he saw a memo from commanding general William Westmoreland that raised his deepest fears I knew there was a possibility they're using nuclear weapons it was being discussed in the White House and I also knew that was more it was asking for a couple hundred thousand more man basically to invade North Vietnam which would bring the Chinese and which would mean nuclear war don't show the top secret memo to senator Bobby Kennedy who was running for president he didn't think he was out of bounds here afterall Kennedy had been Attorney General for his brother JFK so clearly he had security clearances a few days later a story about the troop request showed up in the New York times someone had leaked it says it wasn't him and he doesn't know who it was but the story blew up and Democrats in Congress started openly turning against Johnson's war escalation discount Ellsberg thinking about the power of leaks could leaks slow down the war my idea was shell one a day so that the president would know that somebody with very high actions which I had at that time was leaking he thought that if Johnson did decide to escalate the war again he probably wouldn't tell the American people how many troops he really wanted that's what he had done for three years at this point live every time the ball when he was actually sending this time he would know that somebody who knew what he was doing was going to leak and he couldn't do it she quickly that was my idea.

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